Kayak adventure book

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Kayak adventure book

Post by pjjones00 »


I'm looking for a good read. A story of a canoe or kayak adventure, kayaking and camping on a long adventure. Can anyone recommend one?

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Re: Kayak adventure book

Post by jeremyduncombe14 »

Not sure if this will fit your requirements, but ‘A thousand miles in the Rob Roy Canoe’ by John McGregor is an interesting read - he arguably invented the sport of canoeing in the UK.

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Re: Kayak adventure book

Post by charleston14 »

Blazing paddles by Brian Wilson. Really good.

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Re: Kayak adventure book

Post by Robert Craig »

"Paddle to the Arctic", by Don Starkell covers kayak. His previous (but not as gripping) "Paddle to the Amazon" is about canoeing.

A thrawn b*gger, as we say up here.

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Re: Kayak adventure book

Post by twopigs »

Running the Amazon by Joe Kane ..... https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/book ... 679729020/

Old but interesting!
Canoeing - bigger boat, broken paddle, more skill!

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Re: Kayak adventure book

Post by Owen »

Argonauts of the western isles by Robin Lloyd-jones.
Commitment and open crossings by Bill Taylor.

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Re: Kayak adventure book

Post by paddlersteve »

Not Sea Kayaking, but my favourite read is "Barbed Wire and Babushkas"

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Re: Kayak adventure book

Post by jmmoxon »

Similar request from a few years ago: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=113913
http://kayakworldguide.forums-free.com Links to websites with info on white water, touring, sea & surf.

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Re: Kayak adventure book

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I've just posted up two sea kayak journey books for sale here viewtopic.php?f=38&t=129829

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Re: Kayak adventure book

Post by username Chris S »

... [Ewen] shouted out with fear in his voice, “I can’t take much more of this”, as he saw another shark rapidly approach… It was going to be one of those days!

Not a book but a blog of long yarns which I think were once in print.
Just came across it again after many years.

As you can see from his list, TB has probably paddled more than the rest of us put together, including the remote Kimberley coast of NW Australia.
Quote above is from Kimberley #5 (1988) with a Brit called Ewen MacGregor. Maybe someone knows/knew him?
Initially looks like EM bit off more than he could chew – or is that chew him? – but managed to keep up with the irrepressible TB for 3500km including hiking and MTB.

Sharks will be sharks, but the close calls with crocs, let alone the killer tides up there, really do make you shudder with grim fascination.
Earlier TB Kimberley trips were solo and are no less bone chilling.

Argonauts was a very nice book.


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Re: Kayak adventure book

Post by Spikeedog »

charleston14 wrote:
Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:38 pm
Blazing paddles by Brian Wilson. Really good.
This is an inspirational classic. Brian was alerting the world to the plastic problem in the seas 30 years ago in this book. Really annoying that people are just beginning to pay attention now because it featured on prime time TV via David Attenborough. Brian used broken fish boxes for fires at the start of his journey. By the end they were all plastic.

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