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Domain name

Post by kayakski »

Hi, We have just changed our website hosting away from they didn't like this move and took my domain name which we had paid for to 2019. We lost and still trying to get it back. In the meantime we are at to keep us up and running. Pure theft and thereis nobody in the UK to police this as are based in Denmark. Just have to keep fighting them.

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Re: Domain name

Post by dabpc »

In the UK, the "police" are Nominet. If the domain is registered to you you can regain control of it via Nominet: (small fee may apply).

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Re: Domain name

Post by pathbrae »


They also seem to have parked their own clickbate on - maybe you could use the revenue from that (which should belong to you as it's your domain name) to pay the nominet fee?
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Re: Domain name

Post by Mark Gawler »

Web site hosting and Domain name registration are often managed as separate products (as the are two different things), it looks to me like you moved your website host, but you didn't request a transfer your domain. looking at the whois record for your domain your registration it still has a year to run, so in the short term you need to get your domains DNS records updated on the DNS server to point to your new web host. This is normally possible by a user control panel. In the longer term you need to transfer your domain somewhere.

There is not requirement for your website to he hosted by the same provider as your domain name. I user for domain registrations, but host websites on AWS (for geeks only). 123-reg do continually attempt to sell me website hosting and don't make it obvious how to transfer domains.
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Re: Domain name

Post by Allan Olesen »

Mark Gawler wrote:
Sat Aug 18, 2018 2:02 pm
so in the short term you need to get your domains DNS records updated on the DNS server to point to your new web host.
Does the owner of a domain have a self-service web interface at the overall responsible organisation where they can move their domain away to another dns hosting service, no matter if the current dns hosting service wants to cooperate or not?

In that case, it might be easier just moving the dns service from to the new web hosting service now and forget completely about

I know that such a self-service interface exists for .dk domains, so here the owner is in absolute control. I have heard that it is more problematic for .com domains where the dns hosting service is in control, so you risk getting locked in to a dns hosting service who doesn't want to cooperate when you want to move away. I know absolutely nothing about domains.

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