Expedition food - help!

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Mike A
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Expedition food - help!

Post by Mike A »

Off on an expedition, where we wont have the chance to re supply for 2 weeks.

Bear country so have to be careful with foods - ie limited fresh meats / strong smells, and everything has to be safely cached.

Just found out that one of the group does not do pasta, or rice/cous cous and limited on spicey food.

Any ideas for evening meals? Beyond dried mash corned beef hash?

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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by baggins »

Blimey, that should make for some tricky meals.
Have a look at the instant mash (idahoan not smash). Its easy for carbs.
i also make my own dehydrated bolognaise/ chilly etc with a dehydrator. takes a bit of gaffing to get right, but you can make some lovely meals, dry them, then vacu seal them and you can make plenty of meals for the price of 1 ready made camp sachets. it also works for fruit and veg.
Have a look at this guy for some ideas. www.backpackingchef.com
Have a great trip. and don't forget a long line for hanging food bags in the air.

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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by CharlieS »

I used Harmony House for a three week trip last summer. The selection pack below has lots of different beans, two lots of potatoes, and a bunch of other stuff. All in good quality waterproof pouches.
They're light, a good size for packing, and most of them were very tasty. I added a couple of packs to a stew pot each night.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00ABW ... b_pd_title


Chris Bolton
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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by Chris Bolton »

Tricky. What size is the group, ie, is it feasible for the non-pasta & rice eater to cook separately? Is bread also a problem? If so you are only left with potato for carbs, and spicy is the obvious way to get something tasty without complex cooking.

If your bear country is in N America, be aware of customs restrictions on food. I took freeze dried beef and chicken to Canada - customs said both were outside the rules, but kindly let me keep the chicken - there was no chance at all I could keep the beef.

Also, if you're going to coniferous forests and need to hang food, test your hangs before you go, it's not easy. I made up some lightweight pulley sets with dyneema cord, which were good for hoisting up, but we needed a heavier weight dyneema line to rig between 2 trees and hang from the centre (otherwise you can't get it far enough from the trunk, as conifers don't have the right sort of branches!)

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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by PeterG »

TVP and kibbled onion are cheap, light and easy to carry, add something for flavour, stock cube, a sun dried tomato, black pepper etc and a dash of olive oil. Cooking is just adding boiling water and waiting a few minutes. If you use instant potato powder, just wait a few minutes, add the potato powder and more boiling water and you have shepherds pie. Or simmer and add some cooked rice etc.. I re-use the pouches 'expedition' food comes in for cooking, so all you need is a source of boiling water.

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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by Owen »

Just go on your trip with your fussy mate, then when you get out into the wilds barbeque him. You get fresh meat and solve the problem of menu's.

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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by Jim »

I was going to suggest the same as Owen.

If it is down to preference rather than a medical condition, just tell them to suck it up - expedition food needs to be different from regular food and everyone is going to be eating slightly differently to normal anyway.

If it is due to gluten intolerance or something, they should probably question if they are fit to be going on a remote expedition in the first place, and if so, they need to do some proper detailed planning with the rest of you.

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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by Grian »

If the problem isn’t gluten will they eat bulgar wheat? Quinoa? Probably not if couscous is out...
I used to be intolerant of intolerances, cue instant karma. A neighbour just brought round a plate of fresh baked Brownies that I can’t eat, phhht.
This is an awkward set of exclusions!
Can you get freeze dried cauliflower? Fresh it makes a decent rice alternative but won’t match it in calories of course.
Can’t they provide ideas for alternatives themselves?

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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by Ken_T »

Could your friend eat instant mash with the meals while everyone else eats rice?

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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by amurphai »

I have coeliac disease (gluten intolerance) and have done multi day kayaking trips - although not been out of supply range for so long. Yes - its a challenge and I have after some trial and error gone with white basmati rice as being quick to cook and palatable (unlike most gf pasta I have tried - yuk). If rice is out then I would opt for ready made meals (with spuds?) that you can just add boiling water to - I have found 'expedition foods' ones to be very tasty, hassle free and you have a handy resealable garbage bag at the end. Also means you can vary the other folks diet a bit more if you're not trying to cook for everybody with a single meal. Depends on the individual's budget and willingness/ability to come up with some suggestions themselves, although some good ones have already been posted which I will certainly make use of!
Good luck and have a great trip!

Allan Olesen
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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by Allan Olesen »

I am very fond of hummus on kayak trips. Good taste and high nutrition (lots of protein and fat).

The main ingredient is chickpeas which don't contain any gluten.

I don't know how long it will last when cooked. The ingredients should be able to last quite long, since all of them except the lemons have a a long shelf life outside the refrigerator:
- Chickpeas (dried or canned)
- Olive oil
- Tahin
- Lemons
- Garlic
- Salt and dried spices

Mike A
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Re: Expedition food - help!

Post by Mike A »

Cheers for the ideas - it looks like dried mashed potato and noodles are the bulk!

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