GCSE research on kayaks

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GCSE research on kayaks

Post by 14CattermoleJ »

For my Product Design GCSE I am researching kayaking. I am interested to know what problems people face while kayaking, particularly on longer journeys:

- How do you find storage? Is there an effective way of storing things safely and keeping them dry?
- How do you find the comfort of kayaks?
- Kayaks usually have elastic storage areas, are these effective and what could improve them?

Thanks for reading, any feedback would be really helpful.

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Re: GCSE research on kayaks

Post by Ken_T »

For storage I use the hatches which are almost waterproof, with dry bags as a secondary barrier.
If you fit out your boat it can be quite comfortable, my longest time in a boat without getting out was about 12 hours on an open sea crossing.
I use the deck elastics to hold splits & my towline, they seem adequate for the job, I have never lost anything even in very rough water when I have been looped.

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Re: GCSE research on kayaks

Post by Chris Bolton »

Have a look through the Almanac on this site. That's where all the articles and links are collected together. You might find the Equipment section useful, particularly things on packing the boat.

My own preference is to have as few things on the deck of the boat as possible, as they can get in the way. The only things I need to look at (maps & compass) or won't fit inside (spare paddles) go on the deck. The newer designs have an extra storage hatch just in front of the cockpit, some people who don't have one will have a sealed bag on the deck (also used for big cameras).

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Re: GCSE research on kayaks

Post by camanche73 »

Interesting topic. I suppose you need to define the criteria more. What I mean is, sea kayaks are designed for a purpose. Packing of the Kayak is designed around the primary performance purpose of the hull. If a boats primary purpose was gear carriage, it would become a floating trailer and look very different.

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Re: GCSE research on kayaks

Post by PeterG »

The ocean cockpit is very practical for long journeys being seaworthy and with maps etc handy on the foredeck, but people claim they are harder to get in and out of. How about a cockpit with a sliding section to convert to keyhole for entry and exit and ocean for paddling

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