Paddle britches

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Paddle britches

Post by pugwash »

I think that’s what you call the device some people use to attach splits to the front deck. I’ve got a couple of shortish boats, Delphin and Aries, and was wondering how people attach splits to the front deck, on a longer boat like the Aquanaught, a couple of lengths of pipe work really well, but seems a bit cumbersome with the shorter boats so was thinking about asking Santa for ‘britches’, anyone got any thoughts, and just to be cheeky, can I also ask if they keep the splits on the deck even in lumpy surf, as I nearly lost a set at Hayle when I put them under the elastics - thanks in advance.

Allan Olesen
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Re: Paddle britches

Post by Allan Olesen »

Some months ago, I was with a group which ended up in 2 m swell which later became surf. 3 members of the group had the dark blue / black britches from NorthWater. 2 of the britches disappeared in the surf. The remaining one only "dislocated" but stayed on the kayak.

The yellow model from NorthWater may be better.

I use two pieces of insulating tube instead. The grey, foamy stuff that you buy for insulating heat pipes. It is split and preglued along the length so you can wrap it around the pipe and then remove a protective strip and glue the two "ends" together. I would rather have them without the split/glue, but so far they have held up very well. They gave me absolutely no problem when the surf took the NorthWater britches from the other kayaks. (But I lost one third of my AxelPack map case at that event).

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Re: Paddle britches

Post by RichJ »

Hi Pugwash,
Our group use these; ... dle-holder
Most of our paddling involves tiderace surfing and this product has stood the test of time. Previously tried using pipe lagging or plastic tube but had to lash everything down so tight it was difficult to remove the splits and impossible to replace them. A big Spring tide and South stack race with a broken paddle was quite a motivation to change the system!


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Re: Paddle britches

Post by sleepyfolk »

I’ve got the yellow north water britches on my delphin, they seem pretty good at not moving anywhere due to the location of the decklines and the hull fitting, I’ve been the wrong way up without losing anything so far but I can’t vouch for a 2 metre swell

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Re: Paddle britches

Post by michelin »

If you get the Reed Chillcheater ones and burn holes along each edge with a soldering iron then attach to your declines with cable ties they work brilliantly and very tidy if you cut the straps off that they come with.This is what myself and my kayaking buddies do and never had a problem. On my boat you can burn a couple of holes where the Reed logo is and put a cable tie through there onto one of the fitments on the kayak.This helps as it won't move at all then

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