Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm Dry Trousers

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Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm Dry Trousers

Post by crumbleman »

Can anyone tell me how durable the Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm Dry Trousers are? I don't want to shell out a stack of dosh to only need to replace them after a year. I know that Reed kit has the Marmite factor of you either love it or hate it but I'm hoping that I might get a balanced view from the forum.
Can anyone suggest any alternatives for less than £150 and has a pee zip?


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Re: Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm Dry Trousers

Post by PlymouthDamo »

You're already aware that Aquatherm is 'marmite' kit and the following thread is as good as any to summarise the polarised views:
The only thing worth adding to this is that out of three regular kayaking buddies, two have newish Aquatherm paddlesuits (which leak like sieves) and one had an older suit (which he still speaks highly of.) I'm aware that Reed started using a newer version of Aquatherm over the past few years, so could it be that the new stuff is more fragile? And if that is the case, I have no idea which material Reed used in their trousers.

I presume you're talking about the high-waisted ones with shoulder-straps? High-waisted is good - I quickly stopped using my low-waisted Peak dry-trousers as water gets in when you're rolling. The Reed trousers use ankle-seals rather than dry-socks. My buddies didn't have a good experience with their Reed (wrist) seals - they both ended up glueing on standard latex seals. What about their gimp-trousers (the skin-tight ones)? Perhaps they'll keep you warm-but-damp, like a wetsuit, which would be okay if you're towelling-off and getting changed every time.

The only dry-trousers I've had which are 100% bomb-proof are Kokatat Whirlpool bibs. However, they're way out of the £150 range, and if you're paying that sort of money, you'd be mad not to get a drysuit instead. Even the Whirlpool bibs don't keep you dry when you swim, regardless of which expensive Kokatat cag you pair them up with. A working drysuit allows you to muck around with silly tricks etc. throughout the winter as though it were still summer. That's worthy the money if you can up your budget, but you need to do your research as there's a lot of silly junk on the market.

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Re: Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm Dry Trousers

Post by Mrstratos61 »

dont know about Read but can say my palm atom trousers combine with their cag and dont leak when i swim. I tried to get wet deliberately by swimming and didnt.

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Re: Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm Dry Trousers

Post by Kevin Cooper »

Got a pair of Dam X high waist dry trousers in large for sale at £85 . In as new condition with latex boots and comfort zip.

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Re: Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm Dry Trousers

Post by heybaz »

I have a fair bi of Reed kit. Love the compactness of the salopettes & tops but will not buy any more of their gear with feet - it is just not sufficiently durable.

I use a change mat and sequence is - sit in boot of estate car; mat down, trainers off, trews off, salopettes on, Lomo paddle boots on. No mooching about without boots on the salopettes. Within weeks of wearing the salopettes both feet were peppered with tiny pinhole size leaks. Regular "dabbing" with Aquasure" provided a temporary fix but still the pinholes appeared quicker than I could seal them. I sent Reed a photo of water peeing out of the feet like from a watering can; they did offer to inspect them - at a price - and quoted for replacing the feet but by the time I'd paid for this plus postage I could almost have bought a pair of Palm or similar so didn't bother.

Pity as the kit does have a lot going for it otherwise.

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Re: Reed Chillcheater Aquatherm Dry Trousers

Post by crumbleman »

Thanks to you all for the feedback, unfortunately I'll need to keep hunting for something second hand to remain in my price range!

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