Kernow Grand Tour

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Kernow Grand Tour

Post by Mark R » Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:12 pm


Two decades ago in 1997, I paddled around Cornwall. And then again, a decade ago in 2007.

Because it is 2017 I was legally obliged to do it again. Happily a few chums were convinced to join me.

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Controversial view, which I've expressed in the past, subsequently convinced myself was over-excited hyperbole, and have just reminded myself was true all along - Cornwall's cliff scenery is the best/ finest in the UK. There are short more spectacular sections here and there elsewhere, but nothing comparable in terms of the scale and extent of it all.

333 km, ten days on the water. We met one group of 3 paddlers, in ten days of paddling, otherwise we had the place to ourselves.
Mark Rainsley

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