O'neill sector 5mm wetsuit......advice needed.

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O'neill sector 5mm wetsuit......advice needed.

Post by scarr1 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:39 pm

Hi all.
Its my first post, but i need some quick advice on the above wetsuit.
Ive been offered one, as new, for £76.00. It seems like its classed as a dive wetsuit, but would it be suitable for kayaking? Would i have enough movement?

Apologies for jumping in with a qeustion on my first post, but i need to let the lad know if i want before tomorrow morning!!
I dont have a kayak as yet, but im looking to get one in the near future. I have a caravan in brighouse bay, Dumfries & Galloway, and the plan was to leave it up there and fish the bay.
Any thoughts on the wetsuit would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: O'neill sector 5mm wetsuit......advice needed.

Post by PlymouthDamo » Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:42 pm

It's very unlikely you'll get a reply from someone who's used that specific suit for paddling by tomorrow morning, so here's my experience which may help:

I used to kayak in my 5mm surfing wetsuit. I didn't find it restrictive as it has stretchy panels on the shoulders. The specs on your one say it's made of 100% 'ultraflex ds' - which sounds like it should be stretchy. But you ought to try it on and make sure you can move your arms and swing your shoulders without feeling significant restriction.

Apparently, diving wetsuits are made of a different type of neoprene to that used in surfing wetsuits - they better resist being compressed by the pressure at depth. This shouldn't make any difference when used on the surface, in terms of warmth. The main issue with a wetsuit is whether it fits you. A well-fitted cheap suit will be far better than a baggy expensive one as it won't flush so much. So again, try it on.

You say you're planning to fish from your kayak - is it a sit-on-top? If so, wetsuits can be a bit cold as you'll be getting damp and will be exposed to the wind. When I was paddling my sit-in, wearing my wetsuit, my mate was paddling his sit-on-top wearing his wetsuit. When we'd got back from a winter paddle, he'd be blue whilst I was fine - he ended up forking out on a drysuit before I'd even considered it. You may need to put a windproof/splashproof layer over the top, or just think about buying a surface drysuit instead.

A good quality, well-fitting wetsuit is a useful tool for all sorts of activities and I still find occasions when I choose to use mine. If this one fits you well, and is genuinely as-new, then it wouldn't be a bad purchase if you've got the money to spare.

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Re: O'neill sector 5mm wetsuit......advice needed.

Post by spynappels » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:30 am

I found a wetsuit ok for short paddles, but they always seemed to chafe under the arms.
A farmer john type wetsuit may work better if you find the same issue, although I now wear a rash vest with a lightweight cag and neoprene shorts, with the spraydeck on actually getting wet is much less likely unless you go out for rolling practice or at the edges of your comfort zone.

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Re: O'neill sector 5mm wetsuit......advice needed.

Post by TechnoEngineer » Fri Aug 11, 2017 2:16 am

If you stay dry you'll probably still get cold....
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Re: O'neill sector 5mm wetsuit......advice needed.

Post by Douglas Wilcox » Fri Aug 11, 2017 8:09 pm

Hi Scarr1 a 5mm wetsuit is a bit thick and unwieldy for paddling at this time of year. I use an O'Neill Epic 3/2 full suit for windsurfing in the summer but not for paddling. I am just round the corner from you at Fleet Bay. The Solway coastal water temperature is 16-17C at the moment and I go swimming for 30 minutes each day without a wetsuit and do not get too cold. Although I do not use my 3/2 suit for paddling, I do have a 3/2mm Gull shorti that I use on my SOT if I am just mucking about in the bay. It is absolutely fine and cost about £42. If I was going for a longer paddle >10km (in my SinK) out the bay then I would use my Fourth Element Polartec Aquashell T shirt and shorts. In the autumn I would add a cag. In the spring I would use salopettes and a cag.

Douglas :o)

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