Whitby Area: Camp sites and trip tips?

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Whitby Area: Camp sites and trip tips?

Post by simonmc » Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:28 pm

Hi Folks

I'm planning a trip to the Whitby area coastline next weekend for around 8-10 sea kayakers from Cumbria. I'm seeking some advice, specifically about a camp site that isn't extortionate for vans and small tents. Any ideas?

The trip I'm intending will be from Whitby, north to Staithes. At the moment I'm presuming that there is public access via slipway or beach access at either end and intending to research through this week, although if anyone can give specific access information that would be great.

Any trip tips for that area would be welcome as it's my first time paddling that stretch of coast.


Simon Mc

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