Bigfoot footwear

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Bigfoot footwear

Post by Sheepskin » Tue May 02, 2017 8:59 am

Ideally I prefer to wear my sailing wellies, nice warm and watertight, but I'm a size 11 and there's no space upfront. It wasn't really a issue until I upgraded to a dry suit because I just barefooted/heavy duty felted wool socks it, So how have others solved it, cheap aqua boots? Please bare in mind I often have either rocky shore or tidal mudflats to walk over

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Re: Bigfoot footwear

Post by seawolf856 » Tue May 02, 2017 9:27 am

Yep, cheap aqua boots is as good a solution as any. Sounds like they are going to get hammered so look for a half decent sole to protect you feet and your dry suit from those rocky shores.
There are a few good boots around which do not cost the earth so you won't be bothered about trudging through mud in them. The 'bendy' neoprene ankle boots are my favourites as they allow bigger feet to be more easily manoeuvred into the small foot space. I prefer zips NOT laces, easy to slide on over dry suit feet.
Have a look at the All Purpose water sports boots, made by Gul. I've had two pairs, used on rivers and sea, they have been really great. Got my last pair from Go Outdoors for £30. That is really cheap compared to a lot of the so called specialist foot ware, which can be silly money.

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