Valuing Sea/Touring boats

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Valuing Sea/Touring boats

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Spotted this on the scottish WW facebook group, but thought that he may get some more informed feedback here?
Liam Lepricorn wrote:Help needed please - friend's dad-in-law passed away recently, keen paddler, and my mate has the job of dispersing the estate. He's asked for my help as he has n.f.i. what the market worth is of:
5m Venture Jura MV Performance Sea Kayak
4.5m Dagger Stratos ditto
Both in excellent nick..... whaddyareckon, roughly?? They seem to be about £1k / £750 new, although there's slightly different models of each and I'm waiting on the detail.

Many thanx. ... 1400433201
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Re: Valuing Sea/Touring boats

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I'm usually prepared to pay around 2/3rds new price for a boat thats in excellent shape (no deep scratches or oil canning, everything working, clean and well stored) and about 1/2 new price for something that fully workable but with a bit more wear and tear. A bit less if its older, discontinued models. Necessary repairs (hatches, decklines, skegs, seats etc.) would be deducted from above price.

The boats in question are reasonably popular but a bit on the budget side as far as Plastic seakayaks go. Would be good for a newcomer to the sport or in case of the Stratos would also make a fun play boat for a more experienced paddler.

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