Northshore Shoreline

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Chris McDaid
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Northshore Shoreline

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Any advice on this kayak gratefully recieved. Initial and secondary stability? Tracking? It's an older version with a bilge pump instead of a day hatch. Whats involved in removing pump and installing a day hatch?

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Irish Sea
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Re: Northshore Shoreline

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I have paddled the Atlantic LV quite a bit which as far as I know is (almost) identical with the older Shoreline as paddling characteristics go. Very nice versatile Day/Weekend boat. Surfs well and turns quickly on edge. Handles well in the bumpy stuff. Not the fastest boat in the world but keeps up with the pack no problem. I personally prefered it to the Romany which is a similar boat format and has somewhat comparable characteristics. I found the leg position in the Atlantic LV more comfortable than in the Romany and also prefered the stability profile. The Atlantic LV to me felt like it had a bit less primary stability than the Romany but very deep and solid secondary.

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Re: Northshore Shoreline

Post by Owen »

I've replaced the hand-pump with a day hatch in a shortline, not a hard job. I made a bulkhead for behind the seat and cut out the pump and fitted a hatch. You need to make sure that the hatch rim is sealed to the deck as sorting out any leaks is a right nightmare if you get it wrong. I glued the rim in with tradeweld which gives a very strong bond but doesn't have much give in it, I know other use slicaflex (not sure how that should be spelt). That doesn't bond as well - but is good enough - it is a more flexible fix.

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