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Newbie Advice

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I will be honest my knowledge of canoeing/kayaking terminology ia very limited. However I would like some basic advice or guidance on where to look, here's why:

I have been thinking about canoeing around the island of malta (Gozo too), in order to raise money for charity, my job is always keen to support things like this.

I have done a few smaller trips over in the usa before but these were organised for me.

So first off, is this something that could be achieved with a canoe in coastal waters?
What kind of canoe should I look for? (There will be two of us)

Thanks very much

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Re: Newbie Advice

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Best place to ask would be over on Song of the Paddle if your talking about open canoe

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Re: Newbie Advice

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Hi Kieran,
I would look to see if there is a local club you could paddle with, or failing that some local paddlers you could join. I assume you are planning to paddle kayak round Malta rather than canoe (I do have a friend who paddles open canoe on the sea in conditions up to about F5), but a kayak is much easier for sea paddling, particularly a sea kayak. Whatever craft you use it is worth ensuring it has some form of fixed buoyancy.

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