Recommend me a "smart charger"

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Recommend me a "smart charger"

Post by MikeB »

As the title, I need a new "smart charger" as my trusty Energiser one isn't doing it's job these days. I only use AA batteries, and mainly Eneloops these days, so NiMH. I do need to be able to charge a single battery, as well as a set of four.

Thanks - Mike

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Re: Recommend me a "smart charger"

Post by tenboats1 »

This, bottom of page, BL 700 ... attery.asp

As used by cavers who naturally demand that their batteries are mollycoddled to the max :))


Maarten Z
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Re: Recommend me a "smart charger"

Post by Maarten Z »

Same suggestion from me.
Although some added info: these chargers are rebranded a lot. I got mine from Conrad (German online shop) where it is branded as "Voltcraft IPC-1". I think the original manufacturer is Lacrosse, type BC700.
It comes in two variations: one has a higher charge current capability.
I got one which included a car adapter which sounded good for when travelling.

I really like the fact that you can do rather advanced battery management with it, but if you simply put in your batteries and don't fiddle with the buttons, it starts charging with the default (and appropriate) settings. This way, my wife and children can use it as well. (not like my other charger which almost requires an engineering degree in programming)

It is also recommended by photographers for charging their flashlight batteries.

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