Morecambe Bay

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Morecambe Bay

Post by Mont »

Hello Sea Kayakers

As part of my day job, I'm collecting a bit of information about Sea Kayak use in Morecambe Bay. I've not found very much on the net, and wondered if anyone has experience of paddling in the Bay. Specifically, I'm after:

:: typical launch points
:: routes (from, to, approximate routeing)
:: numbers in group (solo, friends or club)
:: how often

Anything would be useful - thanks in advance.


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Re: Morecambe Bay

Post by ruralweb »

I paddle the bay but mainly the Walney Island area - assuming you class that as Morecambe Bay - we usually circumnavigate the island and often camp on Piel Island. We launch at Earnse Point or the slip by Walney Bridge.

We have crossed over to Walney island from Morecambe launching at Scalestones Point by the statue of the women throwing her kid into the sea - heading up to Heysham and then over to Walney.

We also launch at Jenny Browns Point to use the bore into Arnside and then back.

Over the last five years we have seen very few other sea kayakers although Cumbria Canoe Club go there quite often I think.

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Re: Morecambe Bay

Post by Kate D »

My 2012 'Cumberland Ring' trip, a circumnavigation of the Lake District, included a crossing of Morecambe Bay. We launched at Skerton weir in Lancaster, paddled down the Lune estuary, past Sunderland point, followed the channel markers and then across to Piel Island. I'll see if I can find any pictures.

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Re: Morecambe Bay

Post by heybaz »

hi Monty

Many locals paddlers use Walney Island, Roa Island / Barrow Channel / Leven and Kent estuaries as well as the wider Morecombe Bay - though I don't have much info regarding the southern side of the Bay. Commercial providers use east and west Walney and Roa Island areas for kayak tours and as venues for training courses and assessments.

I volunteer for British Canoeing as Regional Waterways Adviser for the Cumbria region and if you would like additional information please feel free to drop me an email at



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Re: Morecambe Bay

Post by Chris Bolton »

I've made three different trip in the bay, all of which I regards as 'well known', ie, others paddle similar routes quite often. These are the circumnavigation of Walney from Roa Island, the Wyre Estuary at Fleetwood (up on the tide and back) and the Kent Estuary at Arnside - paddle down to meet the bore, play on the rapids under the railway viaduct and ride the tide up to somewhere near the Gilpin confluence, then back to Arnside on the ebb. Typically in a group of four paddlers.

Can I ask, Monty, what your use of this data will be?


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Re: Morecambe Bay

Post by Mark R »

I've crossed the Bay, from Fleetwood to Walney Island - was quite demanding as the water rushing out of the Bay over shallow sea bed kicks up steeply in SW winds.

No idea if that is of any interest to you...
Mark Rainsley

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Re: Morecambe Bay

Post by Mont »

Super, thank you very much for the feedback.

Mark - I did wonder if anyone had paddled from Fleetwood across the Estuary; a tempting, yet demanding crossing.

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