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I'm driving up to Orkney on Monday 27th July and hope to get 7 days of paddling in, heading south to County Durham on Tuesday 4th August. Does anyone fancy joining me for a few days? I may be able to offer transport to one other person.

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Re: Orkney

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Hi Andy,

we'll be in Orkney at the same time as you (although only 4-5 days), arriving also on the 27th, from Shetland. Not sure how much paddling we'll have time for, though, as it's for work, but look out for our Skoda carrying Pintail + Tiderace on top. It is also the Orkney sea kayak symposium during the latter part of your visit (we'll have just left), so there are bound to be other paddlers around.

Maybe we'll bump into you - have a great time!


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