Sticky back foam

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Sticky back foam

Post by RAshcroft »

Just got a new boat and am starting to outfit.

Frustrating Knoydart as was, no longer seems to sell bit and pieces for said outfit.

Does anybody know of a source for sticky backed foam (about 1/4 in deep) to apply to deck to stop split paddles rubbing?

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Re: Sticky back foam

Post by Phizz4 »

By sheer coincidence I have just bought some from AS Watersports, Haven Road, Exeter. 01392219600. Self-adhesive minicell foam, 6mm thick, 300mm wide.

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Re: Sticky back foam

Post by MikeB »

Or use "helicopter tape" - also known as "frame tape" - clear, thick, self adhesive tape originally for protecting the leading edge of helicopter blades and then adopted by the biking fraternity to protect bike frames.

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Re: Sticky back foam

Post by Jim »

My custom built boat cradle is lined with the 10mm stuff from AS Watersports (they have a website too you know).

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Re: Sticky back foam

Post by geoffm »

Or even better, Scotchguard Clear Paint Protection Film. Pricy, but tough, thin and perfect. ... tion/Film/


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Re: Sticky back foam

Post by ian johnston »

...or even make a single item perform two functions by using lengths of SOLAS reflective tape which is sticky and hard-wearing - as seen here in the second image (on the yellow boat): http://mountainandseascotland.blogspot. ... idart.html

Better on the back deck only if you do any paddling at night as it does shine back quite a lot in a headtorch beam.

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Re: Sticky back foam

Post by Ceegee »

2mm neoprene fabric, a pair of scissors and a can of spray-on contact adhesive!
Steve C. G.

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