Shoulder care

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Shoulder care

Post by e-wan »

I slightly strained my right shoulder during this afternoon's pool session. realised exactly how I've done it though. I was trying to practice re-entry and roll and didn't realise the boot I was using at 0 buoyancy bags, it completely sank as I came up and then I try to roll again which is where my error was.

any recommendations for resting or treating a strained shoulder?



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Re: Shoulder care

Post by Incayak »

Seek a medic?

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Re: Shoulder care

Post by CM2 »

I did something similar but not exactly sure how. Started to feel pain if the shoulder went into certain positions the day after I day trip. The pain wasn't that great so I thought it would just go away.

After a month I went to my GP and she recommended physio. She said it would take forever to get it on the NHS and private is expensive but the council (Perth and Kinross) run sessions at the local sports centre for sports related injuries, which while you have to pay for prices are very reasonable (at a guess the council provide all the facilities and you just pay for the physio's time. Maybe there is something similar where you are.

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Re: Shoulder care

Post by Douglas Wilcox »

I slightly strained my right shoulder during this afternoon's pool session.
I was in the pool this afternoon rolling for two hours and never had to wet exit once.
I find it hard to get my nose anywhere near the front deck. apart from hamstring stretches is there anything else that would help forward flexibility or help sideways rotation to help setup for rolls?
Hello Ewan, I am very sorry to hear about your shoulder problem.

I didn't listen to what my body was telling me as I got older. I kept going and look what happened to me!

Personally I have always found rolling a very overrated activity :o). A week ago Ian and I had one of the best paddles of our lives. We covered 28km on the exposed coast north of Ardnamurchan. The wind got up to F4/5 NW and it was some of the roughest conditions we had been out in. We did not do any rolling. When we got back we met a club who had spent the afternoon practising rolling and rescues in a sheltered bay. They had undoubtedly had an enjoyable time but I already have my surfer's nodules and I can't help but wonder... they were practising for what? I thought they would have been better out there enjoying the conditions.

Anyway not all sporting activity is good for your body, especially once you are into your seventh decade like me. I speak as a retired doctor who spent three years working in a sports injury clinic. I have the utmost regard for the physiotherapy profession from both professional and first hand experience. So I do hope you manage to get to see a physiotherapist and that your shoulder improves soon.


PS it is possible to roll after shoulder surgery and good physiotherapy afterwards. Last summer (a year after the operation) Tony and I did about 30 rolls each, both sides in the sea with no wet exists. Satisfied by that I haven't rolled once since then.

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Re: Shoulder care

Post by MikeB »

Physio and/or chiro - and consider it a worthwhile investment - also, consider warm-up beforehand - stretches and such like. Works for me - -

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