Finnish Kayaker saves owl

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Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by PeterG »

Anyone with an interesting rescue to share?

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Re: Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by icklepaddler »

Not on the sea, but I also rescued an owl.

Paddling with a group on the river Irwell, we spied an owl caught in some fishing line hanging from a tree above the river. We though it cruel and sad, but nothing to be done.

As we paddled under the owl, it suddenly started flapping a wing. But, given that it was caught it could only fly around in circles like a childs toy being swung around its head.

We waited for the animal to calm down, made a raft, and then the person in the middle stood up and managed to cut the line - catching the owl in a carrier bag.

We gave the bird the once over, it looked disheveled, so decided to attach the bag to the back of the PFD and paddle the remaining miles of river / rapids with owl.

At the get out we contacted a local animal sanctuary and arranged for the bird to be looked after. We were later advised that the bird was given a big comfy hot water bottle and some food - it was released a few days later.

ian johnston
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Re: Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by ian johnston »

Picked up a female Long-tailed Duck from the Moray Firth last winter, which was stugling to stay upright in the water. We landed it ashore, but I wasn't very optimistic it would survive.



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Re: Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by mikehh »

The most I ever seem to find are bumble bees that have come down in the sea, but after 10 or 15 minutes on the deck they generally dry off and fly away. But saving an owl is in a totally different league - really great - well done - a worthwhile days kayaking.

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Re: Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by Rogga »

Here's the Bing translation of the Owl article for your elucidation, education and entertainment:

OWL Kylmettynyt distress crawled into the arms of the development of the Lake paddlers to warm themselves.
Tuusulalainen P T was last Sunday, when he saw the development of the Lake canoeing in the mist of the sea guarding the strange movement.

-At first I thought that there must be a Otter, including those I have seen on the Lake, T says. It would surely be dead soon, hypothermia. He meloi closer and Lo and behold, in the middle of the Lake, about 500 meters away from the beach tyvenessä water floated to the OWL. The OWL was the fright.

-It went away from the räpiköimään, but then kääntyikin a canoe. T helped a small OWL in the kayak.
-It was shaking off the cold and crawled the lifejackets, shoved her head under a warm. The OWL was a freeze like people are freezing

According to pöllöltä it was the mouse Taskinen gems Ltd was established. The bird was severely kylmettynyt.
-It would surely have died of hypothermia in a soon-to-be.

The case began with a lively discussion of the bongaripiireissä. Part of the thought that the milky way lost or otherwise disposed of course the pea soup fog. Others suggested the OWL attacked sheet enemies Crow or, more accurately, the Crow of a flock of pudottamaksi.

-Reportedly was seen in Helsinki, the Töölonlahdella case, in which the crows obliged the OWL water.
Variksilla is päiväsajan the wrath of the accounts on the basis of the reasons for this, because the yösaalistajana method yöpuulta nappailla crows the eagle owl. T kuivatteli and warmed in the milky way. Then he let out a hapless OWL back to nature.

Paddlers and an OWL encounter reported Tuesday on Keski-Uusimaa.

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Re: Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by Kayaks'N'Beer »

By the looks of things, the instruction manual for my camcorder was translated from Norwegian, using Bing translate!

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Re: Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by nicholas »

I rescued a sheep it was up side down in a rill on the essex marshes with the tide coming in, it was really heavy.

I was paddling the river stour and saw bat with its wing skin caught on a burdock hook, luckily i had a thick glove and managed to unhook it and it flew off.

Also my kayaking mate found a dog swimming half a mile out, he pulled it up on to his spray deck and paddled it in.

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Re: Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by nicholas »

I must say that i got out of my boat to save the sheep and did not pull it up on to my spray deck mind you it would have made a good photo.

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janet brown
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Re: Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by janet brown »

Several ducklings rescued from the attention of seagulls on the Adur this year :-)


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Re: Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by neil_f »

A couple of weeks ago my daughter rescued a sinking young pigeon from the river Don.
It took 3 days to fully recover in a cardboard box in our dining room!

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Re: Finnish Kayaker saves owl

Post by Mikers »

I rescued a bird many years ago, can't remember if it was a gull or a pidgeon (think the former). Yeah, I do know the difference, it was a long time ago.

It was floating and occasionally trying to fly, obviously very tired and distressed. On one foot was clamped a largeish bi-valve mollusc. The bird sat on the deck of my Snipe (I said it was a long time ago) as good as gold whilst I removed the bivalve*. I deposited it back on the shore where it sat for a while and then flew off.

* A molusc was harmed in the making of this story.

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