How to lock your Kayak????^

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Re: How to lock your Kayak????

Post by Daker »

There used to be a company making a Crook-Lock type of device that spanned either the cockpit or hatch, was locked in place with a padlock, then a heavy duty cable could be passed round the roof bar or other immovable object.

I tried Googling but couldnt find anything although I have a redundant link to Kaya-Wales which I suspect was the maker.

If you dont have anything else that a cable can be passed under / through Im sure it was a fantastic idea but it did seem rather like overkill unless you are regularly leaving the boat in a dodgy area.

derek wade
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Re: How to lock your Kayak????

Post by derek wade »

For what its worth,I have a steel cable,plastic covered to secure my Quest.In reality I should not think the opportunist theif would carry a set of bolt cutters,unless of course you have been targeted over a period of time then of course its a quick snip and away.However,I also have a hidden motion alarm in the kayak.No theif likes to draw attention to themselves.And last but not least its insured.So for about £6.00.a month if the worst comes to the worst.

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Re: How to lock your Kayak????

Post by AdamL »

This might all be a bit paranoid, but i am planning to go with the pad eye approach. I only want to move security up a peg. However i intend to glue the pad eye to my boat not bolt it. This will be done using metarcrylate glue -

This stuff is really strong. You need the SG5000 series. Araldite it is not.

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Re: How to lock your Kayak????

Post by tommfuller »

I'd have thought that even with infinitely strong glue, the bond will only be as strong as the gel coat it's stuck to. I suppose it depends on the contact area, but I'd be concerned that that could be knocked off relatively easily. Why don't you fancy bolts? You could glue them!



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