Removing the seat on an NDK Explorer to create more room?

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Removing the seat on an NDK Explorer to create more room?

Post by HudsonKayaker »

Hi I tried an older NDK Explorer model over the weekend with and found the cockpit's thigh grips too tight was on my legs.

I'm 5'8, 180 and so the rest of the boat fit and felt great--sitting nicely in the water and really having a great sense of balance and glide--but it seems like the factory seat, which was a bit more forward than I would have liked, raised my legs up enough that there was no space between them and the thigh grips.

The seller recommended taking out the seat and putting in a thinner foam seat, but of course I would have to do that after I purchase the kayak and so wondered how others with thick thighs have handled this? Do most just opt for a Surf or an Explorer HV? It seems like if took out seat I would gain an inch or two in height and could likely move the seat back two or three inches too.

Do people know if in the older Explorers the seats are glassed into the coaming and what removing a seat would entail? Also do people know if the older Explorers have a bit tighter cockpit than newer models?

I like the extra glide and speed that comes with the Explorers (I find I sometimes reach the max speed in a Romany too quickly) and so wasn't sure if it was worth trying to figure out how to make the Explorer cockpit work a bit better or perhaps look for a different boat? Or maybe a newer Explorer?

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Re: Removing the seat on an NDK Explorer to create more room?

Post by SJD »

I am no Explorer expert but believe there have been several seat variations over the years, 3 or 4 perhaps. A picture would help. A few follow up questions are in order.

I do not understand your comment about the seat being forward and raising your legs up. Moving the foot braces forward would alleviate that, that is if I am interpreting the situation correctly.

I also do not understand your concern about no space between your thighs and thigh grips. There should be contact for better boat control, at least that is my preference.

Was there any padding under the thigh braces?

Removing a seat is pretty easy and fairly common. The level of destruction needed varies. Some can just be unbolted and wrestled out, others need to be cut out. There was a thread here not to long ago about installing foam seats. The foam seat I use places my butt 1/2" off the hull.

In case you do not know, moving the seat back 2 to 3 inches may effect the degree of weathercock.

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Re: Removing the seat on an NDK Explorer to create more room?

Post by Waynekayaks »

I very carefully removed one that was glassed in by using a mini angle grinder on the uppermost edges of the seat sides. A dremell tool would be better, I did try a saw blade but it was hard work

I’ve fitted ndk foam seats after which lower you quite a bit

But usually I buy from ndk a pair of resin pads and bolts that they now use to fit their seats and then fit a newer lower profile seat into the boat

The outer blocks are glued in place either side with the right glue.

First I temp fit one or two block to each side of the seat, with a bit foam fitted beneath to protect the hull, then I mark the seat position I want with tape, keeping central then ensuring the seat is st and pushed down hard as your weight would , I mark around the blocks

Seat out and glue outer blocks then fit the seat

These are then usually lower than the older glassed in ones

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