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wanted: surf kayak (not HP)

Posted: Wed May 26, 2021 10:23 am
by bigbird
Looking for (ideally) a hybrid surf kayak; list includes :
  • Mega Vamp
  • Mega Bullitt S
  • Mega Bullitt XS
  • Ride Eclipse
  • Hobson Apex
  • maybe a Mega Banshee
  • or something else that can work with or without fins.
Already have a Cyclone, which is great, but want to go a bit shorter, a bit more rocker, and ideally have some fins for the days when the local surf merits them (rare) but be able to enjoy smaller days (most days) without them.

Located on Angus coast, so located in Scotland or courier-able would help (big ask, I know!).

Cheap would be good too.