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Paddle recommendations

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 5:58 pm
by Fergster
I am looking to buy a new paddle something a little more special than my entry level Werner skaggit.

I had been looking at either a Celtic paddle or ve paddle but it looks like ve are no longer making paddles.

My intended use is general sea kayaking, coastal exploration, a bit of rock gardening and working up and through my 3star award.

Ve had recommended their glass shaft and carbon blades Celtic are suggesting carbon shaft and either their nylon or carbon 650 blades.

I’d love to hear people’s views or suggestions. Cheers

Re: Paddle recommendations

Posted: Wed May 08, 2019 10:01 am
by Highlandcow
I replaced my first paddles - 2-split carbon shaft and nylon blade Werner Skagit - with a set of 2-split full carbon Werner Kalliste, and for travelling overseas, where I don’t want to rely on pot-luck provided paddles, I have a 4-split carbon Werner Camano.

I carry the nylon-bladed Skagit paddles as a spare set on my fore deck and will use them if rocks are more plentiful than the skills of the paddler.

The Kalliste and Camano paddles have Werner’s clearview to see the angle feather, which is a welcome improvement to my original Skagit paddle.

The 2-split Kalliste is particularly light and I’ve not been shy in using them during surf skills sessions.

I do not like Celtic’s Allen/hex key system and on overseas holidays where Lendal/Celtic paddles were provided, I struggled to find paddles with tight-fitting and/or reliable joints and I found the need for a special key, at best, to be an unnecessary pain and, at worst, an unsafe feature.

But I’m sure you’d look after your own set of Celtic paddles better than the ones I’ve used.

However, although I’ve never tried a set of paddles with the Vari Paddlok System, being able to adjust the length of the paddle is something over the Werner paddles.

I’m sure that the whole key issue is putting the pigeon amongst the cats and paddlers more skilled and experienced will have their views and experiences.