Valley Aleut 2 for sale

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Valley Aleut 2 for sale

Post by Talisker59 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:46 pm

We are selling our Valley Aleut 2 tandem, located in Basingstoke. Asking £1000, and buyer needs to collect it. The kayak is on eBay with photos. 22’ long x 26” wide - one of the classic tandems which is stable in rough water, can haul a huge load, and is remarkably fast.

All the details are on the Valley website - look under Classic models.

This one was bought in USA in 2012. It was a shop demonstrator, and essentially “as new”. Since then it has been moderately used, from heavy 2’ chop in the open sea (it loved it) to hauling mountains of garbage on river clean-up days. The central well nicely accommodates small children and dogs.

It is a one-piece model, the layup is (I think) a Kevlar weave - look at the eBay photos. Top deck is maroon, hull white, seam, seats, etc, are black. The kayak has has no hull damage, but has the usual scratches. The rudder needs a new bungee. At present it works well once down, but it needs a friendly person in another kayak to put it up and down. Seats, seat backs, rudder controls, are all good. The big neoprene central well cover is good, but the oval hatch covers are starting to crack on the underside (typical Valley hatch covers !)

It can be rolled - I have the video to prove it.

Please contact me if you might be interested or if you want more details. Email Rob at

Thank you for your interest.

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