carry-able surf kayak bag

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carry-able surf kayak bag

Post by Dylp »

Im planning to do some traveling in austrlia next year, which with a surf kayak presents some obstacles
im going to need a bag for the trip to keep my surf kayak in, and throught that a good idea would be if this had some sort of back pack system attached so it was easy to carry
does anyone know of such a thing, or somewhere that could make one?
im aware that backpack system type things do exist for whitewater boats, would these work with a surf kayak? a surf kayak in a bag?

Any help Appreciated

Richard Uren
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Re: carry-able surf kayak bag

Post by Richard Uren »

Hi Dylan

Pop into RB Sails at Hayle, they make a good bag and maybe would customise straps etc.

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Re: carry-able surf kayak bag

Post by MotorBikeMike »

We have a local boat cover maker that may be of some help to you.

You probably have someone closer that does a similar thing though.

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Re: carry-able surf kayak bag

Post by snigvan »

Have a look at this thread ... =4&t=83964

I went for Canyon Gear in the end. Least hassle for me & I'm pretty pleased.
I would now have a handle on both sides ( mid way) to aid handling.

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Re: carry-able surf kayak bag

Post by hoolabloom »

Find a wheeled coffin bag that fits. Makes life so much easier when travelling through airport etc. Slap a spare piece of foam in the bag with couple straps instant roof rack for taxis etc.

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Re: carry-able surf kayak bag

Post by Daker »

hoolabloom wrote:Find a wheeled coffin bag that fits.
Interesting idea.
I have a small set of wheels I can strap on to my bag but this sounds like a perfect solution if you can find something of suitable dimensions.

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