Mega hull profiles?

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Mega hull profiles?

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Having some older Mega surf boats to play with, Im wondering why the hull profiles aren't the same in all the boats, as there must be a reason why a certain profile is only used on a certain model..all have some shallow chines on the edges..although that's where the similarities stop!.. like my Neutron RV has a flat hull and no V in the tail? I have a Max which has a flat hull with a V in the tail and an old Marauder that has a double concave hull and a V in the tail, all boats are in great condition and still great fun to use an various conditions..just curious why some have features on the hull and others don't?

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Re: Mega hull profiles?

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Oh man, surf hull design is a huge topic.

Essentially the is a mix of why which boats have which hulls but a large part of it comes down to how the sport was progressing and what people wanted from boats mixed in with a healthy dose of trying stuff to see what happens.

If you are interested in the what different hull designs are intended to achieve it essentially all comes from surfboard design and the best free resorce for information on that has to be swaylocks (

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