Surf kayak do I need one

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Surf kayak do I need one

Post by benbarden » Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:38 pm

Hi all I have been thinking for a long time about buying a surf kayak. The only one that will fit me is a megatron or maybe a banshee. I'm 18 stone can anyone tell me what the real life max wight is in them I know what they say on the site but is this what it is in real life.
I currently kayak WW as much as I can living in Devon mostly on the loop. Think I want a kayak for surfing just to get me out more in a boat and love the surf as I also kiresurf how often do you all get out surfing how big and clean do you need the surf befor you can have a good time just don't really want to get something I'm going to find I can use a few times a year

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Re: Surf kayak do I need one

Post by kayak1 » Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:39 pm

I have always surfed playboats and river boats in the surf, and had a few proper surf boats too.. yes the proper boats do go better in the surf when the surf is good, but I was forever frustrated that conditions were not right for using the rough weather, dumpy surf, little or too big messy surf..but could use a river playboat that was good at being in the like Riot, Dragorossi, Necky and some Pyranha, Dagger and wavesport as long as they have flat hulls with edges and not a displacement hull then you can carve and spin in any surf conditions..and remember that most Surf boats have a different knees together seating position that may feel odd if used to a WW boat...although a Riot Boogie is a good compromise and not too much different to get used too or the Mega Neutron...Plastic boats..

Colin C
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Re: Surf kayak do I need one

Post by Colin C » Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:09 pm

Do you need a surf boat, does that question really have an answer other than N+1.I dont get out as much as I would like as I work normal patterns which means that I have little flexibility, where as others get out more often as conditions can be reacted to. So I would love to get out more, but you will kick yourself when conditions are good and you dont have a surf boat as the pleasure of getting a couple of great runs keeps me hooked, till the next time, even though I am still learning its wonderful when it goes right. Whether that is enough to justify buying a boat, well, it depends on the level of buzz you get. Boats are not all expensive, in fact second hand boats are very available at reasonable money for what you are getting, so you dont need to sink a lot of money into it.


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Re: Surf kayak do I need one

Post by Jim Tait » Thu Nov 24, 2016 10:25 pm

Yes! Next question....

You can have fun in the surf in a couple of feet- it doesn't have to be big and gnarly; in fact wee waves give you an opportunity to try out things without the trashing factor.........

Size wise, I think they're fairly accurate. I'm currently too heavy for my build at 105kg ( I like to think of it as ballast and a lower centre of gravity)
I paddle a cyclone as an IC boat and I think their recommended top weight is about 110kg- I wouldn't want to be much heavier in it......
If you get the chance to try it out then go for it. You won't regret it..... After the first few caught edges and rinsings of course!

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Re: Surf kayak do I need one

Post by Just_Surf » Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:15 am

If you do get one, which you should if you are even halfway serious about truly surfing (not just spinning about in the soup), be prepared for a steep learning curve. I know guys who've had litteraly decades of WW experience, who assumed they could paddle anything, who have given up on surf boats because they couldn't rip it up on their first (or even twenty first) sesh. Having a solid roll is worth its weight in gold, almost everything else you're starting from scratch. Have the humility to know that this is a whole new skill set that you need to learn, as someone already said, surf boats are very different to other boats and so is the way you ride them, a little patience will go a long way. If you get the opportunity to surf with other dedicated surf paddlers, take it as often as you can, you'll learn heaps.

To answer your question though, yes, you should get a surf boat if you want to surf, if you want to carve powerful turns on an open wave face there is no better boat for the job.
You won't know if you don't go...

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Re: Surf kayak do I need one

Post by benbarden » Sun Nov 27, 2016 8:46 pm

Cool thanks all going to have to be the next big thing on my list of things to get
I'm fine with steep learning curve like things that I have to put work in to
Will have to see if I can find a few to play in to see if I can fit
Hopefully may be able to get one for the summer

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Re: Surf kayak do I need one

Post by Daker » Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:37 pm

If you enjoy being in the sea and are even semi-serious about getting into surfing properly then definitely YES !
In my experience its a harder game to get good at that kitesurfing so, as others have said, be prepared for fun but a steep learning curve.

As for conditions, Surf boats are definitely at their best in waves and no wind but when you are starting out you will have great fun in the soup.
If you are able to take the surf boat and the kite each time you go to the beach you will always get out and manage to do something unless its totally flat.

As for boats, a long (IC) boat is going to be more accommodating of the larger figure but if you want a short (HP) boat the Megatron is probably the only thing that might work. Living in Devon you should be able to find folk who are willing to give you a shot in a variety of boats by asking around or get along to Mega and see what demos they have or up to Ride in Wales.

One other thing, 2nd hand boats always retain a lot of their value so even if you find its not for you a year down the line, you should get back most of what you paid so pretty low risk really. Go for it !

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Re: Surf kayak do I need one

Post by yabbadabba » Sat Dec 10, 2016 12:59 pm

Well my answer is yes/no and maybe :-)
I am not a WW kayaker generally, I started off kayaking by playing on the waves using short playboats.
For me the playboats gave the stability to learn to play in and on the waves with some confidence then over time frustration set in as I was not getting the most out of the waves. At this point I was confident in the shorter playboats and quite happily playing on waves/in the dump zone and anything up to overhead plus.
So I purchased a second hand Mega surf kayak thinking I was ready to make the jump to surf kayaks, well basically it kicked my arse and scared the hell out of me and was sold quite quickly.
Luck would have it that I then purchased a Wavesport XXX, this was one of my best decisions as it has the ease of rolling and stability of the shorter playboats and it has some carving ability but to be fair its still a long way off the ability of a dedicated carbon surf kayak. What the Wavesport XXX allowed me to do was play on the wave faces and adapt my style to suit.
A year on I was brave enough to buy another Mega Carbon Surf kayak, this time it scared the hell out of me not because it was kicking my arse but because of the performance on the wave.
I now own a short playboat for really messy days and drop and hope fun, the Wavesport XXX for when there are waves but maybe the conditions are on my limit of ability ie windy/messy surf etc and I have a long carbon surf kayak and a short carbon surf kayak.

One thing I have noted is you dont mention what you use for WW, I would suggest a playboat is ok as are some of the playboar/river runners in the surf but I wouldnt advise using a creekboat.

All of the above is my own general opinion with no scientific proof ;-)

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Re: Surf kayak do I need one

Post by kayak1 » Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:22 pm

I'm with Yabba on that one! particularly with the XXX and some select WW boats are very good in the surf..Agree not as fast, but the Surf specific boats will require further skills to make them work for long as use them often you will get used to problem was the waves on my local break are dumpy and is usually quite windy..there is even a surf kayak club that is based there too that you seldom see on the water these days...My last boat was a X tech Phantom, which on the very odd occasion when the surf was nice, it was the right tool for the job..although the hull still had a lot of flex in it just like my plastic WW boats ..Also realised that the carbon boats are quite cheap to buy now second hand..around £375- 400 for an Xtech..God knows it took me ages to sell my Mint condition Phantom for around that price, and noticed other people were having to sell them cheap if too, just to get rid of them! as like me I just wasn't getting the use out of them to warrant keeping them. So I don't advise buying new unless you know its for you..
So going back to a boat like the XXX awesome in the surf, even won a competition at club level in one, where all the other boats were surf specific with experienced can still have fun in the surf without the steep learning curve or worrying about smashing it! Boats like the Inazone, Axiom, older Necky, Dragorossi and Riot boats etc. quite affordable for around £200 or cheaper... So if you get regular nice surf conditions then a proper surf boat is the way to go..and as yabba said this is my own opinion, So what do I know! have fun!

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Re: Surf kayak do I need one

Post by Gary F » Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:56 pm

Hey kayak1

If your phantom hull was flexing I'd guess it was actually a superlight as you get no flex on an
Xtech hull (I've had 3 xtech boats)

There are many great composite boats out there that are user friendly... Banshee, Bullitt S and others that work well in all conditions and are easy to paddle and roll. Go for it I say!

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