Paddle borrow North Devon

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Paddle borrow North Devon

Post by Joshuapattinson1990 »

Hello all

Looking to buy my first specific surf paddle from Mitchell blades soon (comments and recommendations on they're range very welcome btw). The debate of what the perfect paddle length is rumbles on (as it's down to personal size & paddling style of course). As I am going to spend some more dollar (after the new boat) and choose a length I'd like to get it right :) I was curious if there is such a kind being who lives locally willing to gift me the opportunity to try their own ww paddle if it's LESS than 190??

I've tried the shortest available paddle in the club at 191; that was in the old plastic boat though, would love to continue to limbo down the length until I can gauge where I'm at. Now its blooming dark opportunities to surf for myself are whittled down to every other weekend, I'm always very reluctant to ask to try off other surfers in the water - if they get to surf as much as me i'd want to be using my own on the big day hah. So more than happy to collect and return in a single day or meet on the beach

Wouldn't take me too long to get the taste of it (less than an hour), I'm a nice chap really but a stranger to most of you, now own a pair of 194 Werner players in lovely condition if you require an "on water swap" or temporary collateral :)

Based near South Molton - Surf @ WW Ho! and Saunton mostly

Josh - 07846154277

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Re: Paddle borrow North Devon

Post by Geebee »

I can help.

Give me a shout on

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Re: Paddle borrow North Devon

Post by DJM »

I use Mitchell's Barracuda blade. A great active blade but to be honest I think I should've gone for the bigger version of it, the Magnum.
I'll be down your way sometime this month and your more than welcome to try them. However they are 194's.


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