Banshee handling without a fin?

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Banshee handling without a fin?

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Any Banshee owners able to comment on how well it handles if you don't use a fin?
I'm considering a Banshee but never tried one. I like the Bullitt X and it seems to handle ok without fins, which is handy when launching off some local beaches, and not perfect surf conditions and not having to deal with a fin sticking in the sand. If the Banshee handles similarly to the Bullitt without a fin, I think it's good for me and I can learn the fin techniques, (both launching and surfing) over time.

Opinions all very welcome!

Cheers, Iain

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Re: Banshee handling without a fin?

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I cant give you a definitive answer, but the Bullet S is preferably paddled with 1 fin or the 2 thrusters only, and not all 3, and the Banshee works better with smaller fins, but all 3. My experience is limited, in that I am not an expert on fin placement, but have followed advice from others, and having paddled and owned both boats, have found the advice to work. No doubt other configurations also work, but I dont know. The Bullet X is a long boat, and so designed to work without fins, just using its edge. I know that the Banshee was designed to use its fins more than the Bullet S, so maybe the Bullet S would be a better option if you dont intend to use fins, or use a long boat. Both the Banshee and Bullet S are easy boats to paddle, very kayak like, and roll sweetly, they are very forgiving boats.


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