Who makes spraydecks for squirtboats?

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Who makes spraydecks for squirtboats?

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I need a new spraydeck for my squirtboat and I'm wondering what manufacturers still make squirt decks. Currently I own a very worn squirtdeck and a PeakUK K1 slalom cagdeck, which both leak.

It would be great if you could post what spraydeck you use, which boat it fits, whether it has a drylip and what experience you have made regarding the waterproofness.

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Re: Who makes spraydecks for squirtboats?

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sandiline make some excellent kag decks that come in slalom and squirt sizes, little expensive for my liking but now owning a long sleave and a shorty i would never go back to another brand!
The decks arnt lipped and are just bungee with a laytex bottom and kevolar reinforced top but are the driest things Ive ever paddled with! well worth a look in my eyes.
hope this helps.
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Re: Who makes spraydecks for squirtboats?

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Give Peak a ring, they will make you a custom cag-deck with a squirt deck.

The speedskins are meant to be pretty good and you can customise them with your own design/logo

http://shop.peakukshop.com/epages/es140 ... SLSTD-0001
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