Drysuit designed specifically for women

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Drysuit designed specifically for women

Post by sarahmcc4 » Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:52 pm

Calling all the ladies - I'm currently developing a ladies specific drysuit. First and foremost I will be hoping to create something that will fit a ladies figure (yes boobs and bums!) and be convenient when needing to relieve yourself. I've already have some feedback on these two important issues but what else are you looking for in a drysuit?? Any adjustable areas, pocket designs and positions, colour preferences - throw it all at me! Thanks in advance :)

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Re: Drysuit designed specifically for women

Post by coggles » Fri Jul 05, 2019 2:34 pm

Hi Sarah,
I currently use a Palm ladies Bora drysuit and after less than 6 months it's started to leak at the seals during rolling practice - usually fine if it's just a quick swim but it seems like the seals maybe aren't a good fit for me if I'm actually rotating my neck/wrists while in the water. This makes no sense to me as the seals feel tight and a good fit and I've always taken good care of my kit (no signs of degradation of the materials either) but maybe they could be better-designed for women. Wouldn't surprise me if they've just taken the seals designed for men and stuck them in a small suit with a womens' relief zip...

My list of priorities:
1) watertight for as long as possible!
2) female body proportions - my "womens'" suit has massive shoulders - just another space I have to squeeze air out of before I set off. I realise women come in all shapes and sizes but maybe taking into account general height and leg length proportions (height of my Palm suit and length of the legs is pretty good for me, but those shoulders!). You already mentioned bum and boobs but just to add to your data, I find it quite difficult to get my Palm suit up over my bum (once on it's fine) - internal braces might bypass this issue, instead of the neoprene waist (gasket? belt? I don't know what to call it)
3) I am interested in waist entry suits where the entry doubles up as the relief zip - cuts down on the number of parts that could break and leak!
4) Colours: Bright green! Yellow! Orange! Please put an end to the turquoise and dark purple "feminine colours". I would even take bright pink to be honest, just something bright that wakes you up and more importantly is visible under water - If I get stuck under water somewhere I want to know my pals will have the best chance of spotting me! Also I just get pretty bored of the same limited choices - mens' kit comes in so many different colours, give us the same please! (for the record my drysuit is yellow and that was a selling point for me).
5) Pockets that sit underneath a PFD for car key and phone but so that there's no added snagging risk would be nice. Maybe not in the boob area... but a bit lower down? or else above the boobs about armpit height (might work if the pocket is small?)... tricky as all of our boobs are at different levels perhaps...

Good luck with the product development - Please post on the thread when your suit is available!


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