Oil drilling southern Australia

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Oil drilling southern Australia

Post by Boatsie » Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:52 am

BHP want to drill off the southern bite of Australia.
There are many arguments for drilling.
I am against.
The representation of time is associated with many a mathematical languages use of the fourth dimension.  Patience is often four gone without the equilibrium of the previous 3 dimensions being point,  line,  shape.
To drill oil in the calving grounds off southern Australia is another bothersome avoidance of mother father whales amongst the declining need to use fossil fuels.
China this instance has many coal burning power plants.  If a hydro set was placed at each station,  electrified water equals 2hydrogen 2 and oxygen 2.  Solar panels could electrify the water because when fuming coal burn waste with hydrogen,  the combination provides ethanol. Hence the byproduct would be oxygen and about 74% of earths internal combustion engine fuel usage.  Alcohol is near perfect on boats.  Can't float it like diesel when running low but it will dilute with water and fire hazards are reduced plus it might run colder and smell much nicer.
We don't like toxins,  neither do sea creatures.  This shows with their behaviours.

Thanks with reading. I don't explain well.  Stiff ship.  Been knocked out underwater,  been dead twice,  had a broken back,  watching society fail often too.

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