Lomo Neo Deck

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Lomo Neo Deck

Post by Eggy_the_Viking »

Not sure if this is the correct place but here goes.

Purchased a new Lomo Neodeck, used it twice; once at a pool session and the other on light grade 2 introductory moving water trip. Came to use it the other weekend and noticed it's damaged: see image.

Contacted Lomo - they ignored the email I sent for over a week - and they've offered to send some patch up tape as they claim it's been damaged by me and not manufacturers fault.

To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement as this was a replacement for a second hand Work Deck I've had the last three years and only replacing it now as the latex seal keeps coming off leaving residue on the boat.

Should I just cut my losses or demand a replacement? Input welcome.



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Re: Lomo Neo Deck

Post by neonbowhawk »

Hiya sorry but from the photo it looks like damage caused and not manufacture fault so why should they replace it?

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