New Pyranha Machno

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New Pyranha Machno

Post by Unsponsored »

New Pyranha Machno

Images and a little detail here - ... prototype/

Mike A
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Re: New Pyranha Machno

Post by Mike A »

I don't know whether it's the plastic, the shape of the front deck, or just the whole boat, but it just doesn't look very nice or exciting.

It might be a great boat, but from the pictures it just doesn't look right. Nor does it look like the quality product that it undoubtedly is.

I normally like Pyranha boats, but initial reaction is meh.

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Re: New Pyranha Machno

Post by wet-n-wilder »

Not sure about the boat but a displacement hull (as an old school paddler) could be a plus! Have a Shiva at the moment as I hate planning hulls. How about a Nano with a displacement hull, or would this just be a Micro bat? Also, is it just me but is the plastic now thinner and the boat heavier ?

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Re: New Pyranha Machno

Post by YorkieDave »

I have recently got a Pyranha Machno and think it is a very fun boat. Here's some of my thoughts so far...

Slower than the Pyranha 9R or Zet Toro (my previous boat) or Jk Zen (another old love), very similar to the Waka Tuna, but the outfitting is much better. The new Stout 2 outfitting really locks you in and the seat is comfortable. Your legs are reasonably straight not so frog legged.

It has rails, but not as hard as the Burn, you need to get it quite far over to get the rails to engage but they do smoothly. If you catch your upstream edge, it does not catch and flip you over. Water seems to flow around the hull.

It is nice to paddle, spins on a ha'penny, surfs really nicely, almost auto boofs.

The nose does not sink very easily and water seems to just flow away from the top deck. I tried to loop it in the inlet gate at HPP and it proved a lot more difficult to plug compared to my previous Zet Toro. (Looping Creek boats is fun :-))

A really predictable fun boat to paddle.

If you get chance to demo one, jump at it, fall in love, then buy one. I did :-)

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