Buyer beware-Celtic paddles

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Alice faber
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Buyer beware-Celtic paddles

Post by Alice faber »

Celtic paddles are currently selling some old Lendal stock on ebay,but it would seem without offering any warranty, even though they are brand new paddles. I sent them an email yesterday to enquire about a paddle and to ask about warranty, only to receive a reply that was simply misleading and didn't answer the question, I asked for a second time only to get the same response. I have now passed the matter to trading standards, I'll post the outcome of their investigation in due course.

I have been led to believe that giving a warranty on eBay is only applicable when the goods are listed as 'buy it now'.

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Re: Buyer beware-Celtic paddles

Post by jammar »

Hello Alice,

I am very sorry you feel you have had two vague responses or that my answers were in any way misleading.

If you are unhappy with any of the listings we would be glad to hear from you and have already invited you to bring to our attention anything you believe is misleading.

I believe the items listed have not been described in such a way to mislead or imply any warranty or guarantee is provided.

I informed you that the items were covered under the Ebay and Paypal buyers protection schemes and that if the items were not fit for purpose or as described you would be entitled to return any item purchased and be provided with a full refund.

If any customer who has purchased an item from Ebay from Celtic Paddles and is in any way unhappy they are invited to contact Celtic Paddles directly. Our Ebay customer feedback is currently 100%. I intend to do my utmost to keep it this way.

I take any customer concern very seriously and have passed the matter to our own local Trading standards office on the Isle of Anglesey for them to check and advise. You can call Anglesey trading standards on 01248 752840 or email them (

In the meantime thank you for bringing the matter to our attention.


Celtic Paddles Sales

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Re: Buyer beware-Celtic paddles

Post by mickr »

I don't think it is very appropriate for people to start posting warnings about a reputable company just because they did not receive a response they wanted.

Look at the 100% feedback on E Bay and you either decide to buy or go elsewhere and pay the price.

I have no connection with Celtic, just don't agree with people deforming the name of a reputable company without just cause.

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Re: Buyer beware-Celtic paddles

Post by davewray2002 »

I have bought a few paddles from James and found him and his company great to deal with.


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