Best drysuit out there?

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Best drysuit out there?

Post by wwpops »

Looking for some reviews and recommendations please ladies and gents!

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Re: Best drysuit out there?

Post by Adam-Evans22 »

If money is no object would probably say Kokatat. Although money is an object to me so not speaking from experience.

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Re: Best drysuit out there?

Post by lennart »

Kokatat has not failed me still dry and toastie in 5 years. I do not use it to extrem levels. If I look around me and see wo does , then I see then wearing the kokatats changed less tha most other brands. It is with many brands difficult to know. A they change a lot , and if you see somebody very happy with a 5 year old suit, probably you can not buy it anymore. Some of kokatat is boring , tbut 10 years or more on the market. Thankfully I was in a position that my kokatatsuit was cheaper then full ratail and my other suit was still in good nick to sell. That made the investment a good one.

most brands will deliver what you are paying for. think about what you need.
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Re: Best drysuit out there?

Post by ion »

Thought this might interest people interested in the pedigree of the Kokatat drysuit

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Re: Best drysuit out there?

Post by wwb »

At the end of the day its all down to what you can afford.

Ive had a Palm Sidewinder, Nookie Assassin and currently a Typhoon Multisport 4. The Assassin went back to Nookie numerous times for different reasons over the last 4/5 years then it gave up at the beginning of the year (it is a nice suite you hardly know its on). the Typhoon is nice the only bit I'm not sure on yet is the outer cuffs the seem a bit bulky but it might be I'm not used to it. the other thing i found while looking at drysuits is the sizes, check them out because the fit is important and of course the sizes differ a lot between makes this might be a deciding factor as it was with me.

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