Carrying 2 kayaks on shoulders

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Carrying 2 kayaks on shoulders

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Is there an easier way or some form of carrying device that would allow the carrying of 2 boats at the same time on your shoulders?

We live about 600m from the water, down and across several roads, track and finally a steep grassy hill before the beach. When I take my boy (8) out, as he is not strong enough to carry his boat that distance, I carry both, we wear out PFD's etc and he carries / drags the paddles.

Whilst I can pop them both onto my shoulders easy enough (his is 12.5kg and mine 19kg), it is a brutal work out. They bump into each other in the stern, wind plays havoc with my balance and it takes me 2 or 3 stops before we get there. Coming back is even worse as it is all up hill!

I can't really take them down one at a time as I can't leave an 8 year old with a boat at the shore for safety.

Whilst I can put them onto the car, it is a faff for the distance we are travelling and I would spend just as much time putting them off and on at each end that out time on the water does not justify the effort. I have a trolley for the sea kayak but I wouldn't get 2 creek boats on it and again strapping on and off adds time. Looking for an simple solution to just grab them an potter down the road for a quick mess around.

I was toying with the idea of using the big webbing cargo slings available in places like screwfix. The material is wide and somewhat padded and for £5 I was thinking I could get a longer one around each boat, have one each side then a large strap over my shoulders and back to take some of the strain? Has anyone devised such a system- almost like the farmers carry the strongmen do except with kayaks?

I see there are some commercially available products that look like a backpack although this doesn't seem to fit my needs in being able to carry 2 at the same time.

Look forward to any comments or suggestions and my shoulders will thank you

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Re: Carrying 2 kayaks on shoulders

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I don’t know how long you have spent fiddling with trolleys but that would be my choice. I know from putting a huge variety of boats on roof racks at club meets that there is almost always a way of getting a small boat to stack nicely upside down on top of a larger boat. And the strapping down can get very efficient if you work out the best place to put the straps and remember it.

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