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Peak UK - Sale Now On

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We currently have a good number of Peak UK items on sale now!

The current discounts range between 18 and 40% off RRP!

Some of the highlighted items are listed below!

Peak UK Neoskin Shorts Size Small - ... s---21158/

Peak UK 5m Towline - ... e---13624/

Peak UK Explorer Deck - ... k---27974/

Peak UK River Vest
- ... st---8408/

Peak UK Tourlite Short Jacket
- ... t---22275/

Peak UK Marathon Racer Jacket - ... t---37927/

Peak UK Tourlite Long
- ... g---45534/

Peak UK Semi Long - ... g---37622/

Peak Uk Semi Pants - ... t---37634/

Peak UK Storm Pants Women's
- ... s---41524/

Peak UK Deluxe Jacket
- ... e---30452/

Peak UK Creek Jacket - ... k---32978/

Peak UK Whitewater One Piece for both Men and ladies - ... -one-piece

Peak UK Explorer One Piece for both Men and ladies - ... -one-piece

Peak UK Deluxe One Piece - ... e---37706/

Peak UK Adventure One Piece - ... e---35824/

So, thats a selection of what we have

We also have some great deals from many other paddling brands.

For more offerings... check out the website at

Happy New Year!

Best Wishes

Team Up and Under

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