Soul Kayaks Coming soon!

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Soul Kayaks Coming soon!

Post by WWC » Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:41 am

Hi Guys,

We have a container of Soul Kayaks coming in very soon, with Terrible Twos, Mini Me, Main Squeeze and Booty Calls, we will have demo models available to try once landed and free stock available that we can post out as well throughout the UK and Europe

Soul Booty Call Fast agile creek boat

Soul Main Squeeze Fun river play boat

Soul Mini Me An amazing boat designed to be easy to paddle, very forgiving ideal for getting youngster on the water having fun

Soul Terrible Two Finally a tandem boat designed to carry a parent and child that keeps them closer and fits them better than the other Duo style kayaks.

Feel free to ring us in the store on 01267223555 or email



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