Perception Triumph Angler

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Perception Triumph Angler

Post by dickie » Tue May 22, 2012 8:04 am

Hi Guys

Welcome your thoughts on the Perception Triumph Angler. Ive pretty much made my mind up that this is the SOT for me but now wondering of I should buy the Angler version , or the standard and retro fit rod holders etc myself. Seems there is a few quid to be saved - but is it more hassle than its worth......???

Any advice greatly received


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Re: Perception Triumph Angler

Post by AS Watersports » Sat Jul 07, 2012 2:42 pm

The Triumph 13 is a great sit on top for general paddling, touring and kayak fishing.
The standard version is a great price and easy to upgrade. Fitting rod holders etc is not too hard to do but what you wont get is the manufacturers warranty as you will be drilling holes in your boat. You don't get the brass inserts for the foot rests either which makes adding these more difficult.
If you add up all the costs of the separate items ( footrests, stern hatch, 3 x flush mount rod holders with caps, 1 x scotty bait caster, 2 x flush fity Scotty base mounts, ) its around £150.00 plus a few quid for rivets or bolts. If you do it yourself no fitting fee, if a shop does it add that on (around £20-£60) its more than a factory fit one. And of course no warranty.

The plus side is you can do it a bit at a time.

We have demos and stock of both. If you are in the area pop in and have a go or take a look at both versions.

Any questions give me a ring.

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