Angling Kayak 2011 DRAFT statistics

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Angling Kayak 2011 DRAFT statistics

Post by snapper » Fri Mar 09, 2012 10:01 pm

I recently received draft statistics for Coastguard incidents relating to Angling in 2011. They make interesting reading and Mario Siano, the National Angling Liaison Officer, has permitted me to share them. Please note that these are draft and not final. He has recorded kayak angling as a seperate category which has allowed me to pick out the data easily (I have other angling related incidents but not other kayaking incidents). I'll post the details below. Categories are for reported incidents, assisted rescue, self help monitored and false alerts. Each incident is recorded as 1 incident irrespective of how many people/vessels are involved.

MRCC Aberdeen - No recorded incidents
MRCC Belfast - No recorded incidents
MRCC Brixham - 2 False alerts
MRCC Clyde - No recorded incidents
MRCC Dover - 1 False alert
MRCC Falmouth - 1 Assisted rescue, 3 False alerts
MRCC Forth - 1 False alert
MRCC Holyhead - 1 False alert
MRCC Humber - No recorded incidents
MRCC Liverpool - 1 Assisted rescue, 1 False alert
MRCC London - No recorded incidents
MRCC Milford Haven - 1 Assisted rescue
MRCC Portland - No recorded incidents
MRCC Shetland - No recorded incidents
MRCC Solent - 4 False alerts
MRCC Stornaway - No recorded incidents
MRCC Swansea - 1 Recorded incident
MRCC Thames - No recorded incidents
MRCC Yarmouth* - 1 Assisted rescue, 1 Self help monitored, 8 False alerts

So there you have it. 29 incidents recorded involving angling kayaks of which 5 resulted in assisted rescue (ie RNLI / SAR etc) 1 monitored incident and 21 false alerts.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency has to respond to each and every incident. A false alert still has to be checked out and for this reason it is requested AND appreciated if you inform the coastguard of your intentions and whereabouts especially if you are likely to remain static, are out at night or in less than favourable conditions. Members of the public do not expect to see kayaks anchored and assume a problem; the closer to shore you are the more likely they will see you and call. Register for the CG66 programme if you haven't done so already and contact the coastguard by telephone or VHF to let them know that you are on the water in a particular location, what you are doing and how long you will be. You are NOT being a pain in the arse. If a call comes in and they know that you are there they can contact you to ensure you are okay or, alternatively ask you if you have seen anything.**

* MRCC Yarmouth, from personal knowledge - 1 Assisted rescue: Scroby Sands after wind picked up, Coastguard alerted by the kayak angler who was struggling to make headway on attempting to return to shore having drifted. 1 Self help monitored: Herring net drifting down onto anchored kayaks, both kayaks entangled but cut themselves free.

**In the last few years I have had a lifeboat come out to me once on a false alert. Mates were checked on from the shore after someone called them in as having run aground (in 30ft water and 2 knots of current, presumably why a vehicle responded rather than a lifeboat). I have responded to a Pan-Pan after suspected red flares were seen near my position (around bonfire night). A quick call to the Coastguard would have helped on the first two and my return call on VHF perhaps helped on the last. COMMUNICATE.
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Re: Angling Kayak 2011 DRAFT statistics

Post by Mark R » Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:35 am ... -lifeboat/

This one (Portland CG) seems to have slipped under their radar?
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