"Epic kayak fail" video. Capsize while landing a fish

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"Epic kayak fail" video. Capsize while landing a fish

Post by Jersey Kayak » Tue Mar 11, 2014 6:42 pm

This highlights how small errors can escalate while out in your kayak.
I'm not sure if this may have been posted in the past. I found this on the Rapid Media site.

Fortunately in this case the paddler had rehearsed his self rescues and it looks like he was well equipped. Hats off for him being willing to share this video.

A few comments form the Rapid Media page and a couple extra bits added by myself:

1. Improperly setting the drag on the reel so the fish is able to pull the rod about even after the capsize. I'm not sure how the leash is tangled around the drag from the video though.
2. Letting the rod go around the back of the paddler so it all gets tippy as he is now fighting the catch from behind him and the rod is above his head.
3. Opening his hatch while battling the fish, which could have meant not being able to flip his kayak upright again. In some cases this action could put a lot of water into the kayak.
4. Luckily he spots the VHF falling out of the hatch but highlights why it might be an idea to have is secured?
5. Fall in number 2 happens as he has to deal with the second rod which looks like it starts to get in the way.
6. Letting the battle with the fish take over his senses, which made him distracted and therefore flip.
7. Luckily it happened in warm water.

One major factor redeemed this kayak angler however: he seemed experienced with righting his kayak and climbing back on board. Bear in mind this is not one of the wider designs of kayak. Knowing self rescue tips can be the difference between an entertaining video and a rescue call. He also had his PFD on and rod/paddle leashes, which kept him floating and his gear close.
Best not to underestimate the power of a large fish!

I found this on the excellent Rapid Media site:
http://www.rapidmedia.com/video-kayak-f ... dium=email

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Re: "Epic kayak fail" video. Capsize while landing a fish

Post by Skua » Mon Aug 04, 2014 1:31 am

I think the leash tightened the drag. It got caught around the star wheel because the rod was turned over as it was placed and removed from the holster. One reason I changed my leashes to different material, and with different mounting position - my new ones mount UNDER the reel foot and stay out of the way once placed clear. Coiled leashes are a nightmare and just far too bulky and clumsy.

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Re: "Epic kayak fail" video. Capsize while landing a fish

Post by nigelhatton » Tue Oct 14, 2014 1:00 pm

In 2005 I was kayak fishing from a valley rapier 20 at Brixham, s Devon. Inexperienced and in the wrong type of kayak I cought a fish on my line and within a couple of seconds I was pulled over, upside down. I lost my £35 rod and the £20 reel the other kayakers laughed out aloud when they saw what had happened. I never went kayak fishing again until now.
In the south of France I sometimes fish from a s o t trying to catch sea bream or Doruade as they're called down here. So far after at least 10 hours waiting on the water I have cought exactly no Doraurdes. They fetch 19 Euros a kilo but the ideal bait is a live small crab and I just can't spike a hook through a living thing, even a crab.

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