Lost paddles at Washburn today

Gear gone astray ...
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Lost paddles at Washburn today

Post by YorkieDave »

Had a great day on the Washburn today but one of my friends didn't. He lost his set of black cranked Werner paddles, they were thrown out onto the bank just after the big drop.

If anybody knows the whereabouts please let me know so I can reunite them with their rightful owner.


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Re: Lost paddles at Washburn today

Post by slim »

Actually, we found them floating in an eddy and threw them up on the bank about 200 meters after the slight chicane(y) bend (well after the big drop) near a small play-wave (next to the small currently frozen lagoon). Its probably about 3/4 mile down from the get in. After getting a lift back up to the top and getting changed, I walked back down to retrieve them, but they had gone. Where we had thrown them wasn't exactly obvious; the bank/path at that point is quite high and there is a retaining tiered wall. They were on the lower level. I was very surprised they weren't there and I checked up and down the bank without success. I can only assume someone had come up from the bottom and found them.

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