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Matts dad
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Matt Parker

Post by Matts dad »

Our son Matthew died today whilst he was paddling in Reeth. There were 2 friends with him who tried to rescue him along with the air ambulance and loads of other folk. All we can say to everyone that tried to help is thank you.
All Matt wanted to do was enjoy himself pushing his kayaking to the limits. He was looking forwards to his trip to Nepal. He died doing exactly what he wanted to do. Matt wasn't designed to grow old. God bless you matt

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by ukpaddler »

Sincerely sorry to hear of this tragic loss. Although like so many, I never knew Matt, I can fully understand his passion for a sport that challenges your spirit at times. Having lost a friend myself, I know time does heal and hope it does so for you in due course.

Thoughts are also for those that were unable to help Matt.


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Mark R
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Re: Matt Parker

Post by Mark R »

So very, very sorry for your loss. Wishing you and your family well.
Mark Rainsley

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by Mal Grey »

It feels strange to post something here when I never knew Matt, but equally it seems wrong not to acknowledge his life and to say that I'm thinking of you, your family and all of Matt's friends, especially those who were with him today. Some people grasp everything they can out of life, and it sounds like that's exactly what Matt did.

Thank you for taking the time to post on UKRGB when your world must be in turmoil. Deepest condolences.

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by dbarron »

I Met on my first trip to Leeds canoe club he was a very
Passionate avid kayaker wanting to share his enthuisiam
And love for the sport.
I have paddled many rivers all enjoyable
Matt the paddling world Won't be the same and you will be
Sadly missed
My condolences go out to all your
Family and friends rip pal x

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David Fairweather
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Re: Matt Parker

Post by David Fairweather »

This is tragic. Matt was tremendous fun to be around on and off the river. He will be sorely missed and fondly remembered by all who knew him.

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by BrandX »

RIP Matey you will be missed. Having paddled with him many times I knew his passion for the sport was unsurpassed. Thank you personally for helping my paddling!!! My thoughts are with his family and friends. You will be missed but always remebered.


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Re: Matt Parker

Post by nrevek »

I'm sure it won't mean much in such a terrible time, but my sincere condolences and sympathy. To everyone on here, stay safe.

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by _Scott_ »

RIP Matt. I have never met anybody with more passion and endless energy and enthusiasm for kayaking. You will be missed.

My thoughts are with you and you're family Matts dad.


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Re: Matt Parker

Post by Terryg »

Rest in peace Matt. Sincere condolences to family and friends.

Andy H
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Re: Matt Parker

Post by Andy H »

We was on the upper Swale today in massive water. It was a day for pushing limits and doing what we love as what Matts was.

My thoughts go out to Matt and his family.

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by Pyro »

Running probe for the rest of us into the next life. Run hard, Matt. Pyro
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Re: Matt Parker

Post by BrynC »

I'll always remember Matt as the one guy who was the life of the party, who was the best fun to have on a river and was never one to shy away when it got hard. I'll never forget the times we spent together, every river, every silly evening when we met for a "quiet one" that never really ended up that way, every weekend living out the back of your crazy broken psytrance filled van. I miss you bro. RIP. You always charged hardest, keep on charging wherever you are. The world's just got a lot more boring. Thoughts with your family, friends and colleagues in this tough time.
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Re: Matt Parker

Post by »

Matt, you will be missed bro - you will be missed. Matt's Dad thank you for posting.

Peace out

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Jim Pullen
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Re: Matt Parker

Post by Jim Pullen »

At some stage in the future I'll gather my thoughts and give a better account of what happened today for anyone who feels they are helped by it. We were on a trib of the swale, arkle beck, the water was high, but well within all our abilities, nothing more than grade 3. Matt was following me and somehow got stuck under a tree, despite our best efforts we were unable to free him.

He was one of the most enthusiastic people I'd ever had the privilege to paddle with and will be sorely missed by all who were lucky enough to have known him.

My thoughts are with his family at this time.
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Re: Matt Parker

Post by misspaddler »

I am stunned. Whenever I have paddled/partied with Mute he was the life and soul. A complete nutter with a real heart.

RIP Mute.

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by bigben »

My thoughts go out to Matts family and friends, particularly those involved today.

I first met Matt on the safety team for NSR, jumping about the bank of HPP in ripped up kit. Since then we've bumped into each other on rivers and paddle events in the lakes and wales. He'd always have the widest grin of any on the river, boofing every rock on the way down the mighty T with infectious enthusiasm for paddling and life in general.

You'll be missed by a great many Matt!


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Re: Matt Parker

Post by MatimusX »

I'm really saddened to hear this news, I'd never really spoken to Matt properly but I'd heard stories about him from others and seen his posts around on forums and Facebook etc. (Infact I think we once had a bit of friendly back and forth vying for customers on Facebook when I was working at Brookbank as the WebMaster, considering events since then he obviously won ;P). He always seemed like a genuinely nice and well mannered guy, and from what I can gather an awesome paddler!

My thoughts are with his friends and family and I can only hope they can find strength in what must be a truly awful time for them, rest in peace Matt.
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Re: Matt Parker

Post by snuggle_bunny »

all present at the rescue are to be commended for their heroic effort in difficult circumstances- condolances to family and friends

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by KatieC »

I'm so sorry to hear about this and my heart goes out to Matt's family. The last time I was in touch with Matt was on Christmas eve when he phoned me to see if we could maybe go paddling while we were both back home in the West Midlands for Christmas - he was on his way home at the time, there was a lot of water about, and he was checking out rivers as we spoke, getting really excited about the possibility of paddling something new. Enthusiastic as ever, and that's how I'll remember him.

Matt - I'm sorry I missed out on that Christmas paddle with you, and I'll never forget our epic "group swim" on the Greta when you were completely new to kayaking! RIP. xxx

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by float/2stev »

So very sorry for your loss. He will be deeply missed from all at LCC. RIP

Steve G

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by adie »

very very sad news

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by tape34 »

It was a beautiful day on the top of the Yorkshire Dales, so much snow had disappeared but it stayed in the gullies so the hills were picked out in fine detail. The rivers lower down were all full of meltwater from the rapid overnight thaw but by mid-morning many of the higher tributaries were dropping off, this was a good time to paddle. We didn’t look at Arkle Beck but it would have been a sensible option given the conditions at the time.
Thank you Matt’s dad for telling us your very sad news, it will allow the paddling community to register our support to family and friends, his paddling mates and particularly those who were on the river with Matt yesterday.
My thoughts with you all.
Pete Ball

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by Strad »

I don't think I've ever met Matt, but there is something about the paddling community where I think it hurts a little every time we hear news such as this. Condolences to friends and family.
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Re: Matt Parker

Post by garya »

Sorry to hear of your loss.. RIP Matt

Gary A

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by 66quinny66 »

I tried writing a response on here last night but couldn't come up with anything. I still can't really come up with anything that seems worthwhile other than to reinforce the messages of sympathy about your loss and to say how very sorry I am.

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by LucyLou19 »

Sorry for your loss x

River Militia
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Re: Matt Parker

Post by River Militia »

We are proud to call ourselves friends, RIP brother, a true legend and a gent.

You will be greatly missed, thoughts and condolences to all involved and family.

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Re: Matt Parker

Post by TomOL »

I'm sorry to say I never met Matt, but from what I see he was a special part of our community.

My deepest condolences in this difficult time.


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Re: Matt Parker

Post by elliott42kev »

It takes a tragedy like this to make all of us, who've had that near miss we got away with by the skin if our teeth, appreciate what we have now. Also I have nothing but admiration for those of you who will go to incredible lengths to rescue a friend or group member, to the point where you risk your own lives. Nough said. RIP Mate, you've left quite a legacy.

Take care all you winter runners, fun and thrills without taking the fall.

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