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Advice needed

Post by cl06njg »

Hi two friends of mine triatholon types want to take part in a kayak/canoe race from Devizes to Westminster, some 120 odd miles.
They have done the basics kills/safety courses. They have a very old and unstable open two man canoe, which I don't think is up to the job. the course demands that the craft is carried around weirs etc, so weight would be a factor also price, we are talking second hand here.
With the above in mind any ideas as to which make/model would be best suited?

Thanks in advance


P.S. Watching them makes me thankful for my stable fishing prowler!!

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Re: Advice needed

Post by livefortheriver »

A good marathon k2 will set you back around £2000. This is a boat that will be fast on the straights, reasonably unstable, but will be lightweight for the portages. Its important to note that the DW is 127 miles and you're gonna be on the water a hell of a lot longer than you're gonna be carrying the boat. Without spending silly money, your best bet is probbably ebay. Bearing in mind DW wasnt too long ago people may be selling them off.

Aother good idea is to visit a marathon racing club, as you can try different boats and they may even let you borrow one for DW

Hope this helps

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Re: Advice needed

Post by scottdog007 »

Perhaps put this on the competition forum as well, as there may be many marathon guys that probably visit that site and not this Inland site, who could give you good advice.

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Re: Advice needed

Post by Torridon »

weird idea, probably not a good one but got to spit it out, how about an inflatable canoe? I know its not the norm but for two beginner/novice and guys who weight is key the inflatablke canoe would maybe be easy to manage, cheap and easy to run with.

Maybe even a plastic sit on top, oh a feel like I just swore but it is light and cheap.

cheers chris
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Re: Advice needed

Post by tobym »

Torridon wrote:
Maybe even a plastic sit on top, oh a feel like I just swore but it is light and cheap.
Would've been my suggestion

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Re: Advice needed

Post by Inversion »

There's some guidance on DW training here: ... aining.pdf

The people I know who've successfully completed it have all trained seriously with an experienced club, and paddling either a marathon two person kayak (K2) or canoe (C2). Paddling the tidal sections of the Thames in K2/C2 (possibly in the dark) is pretty serious, so I'd suggest that your friends have a look at the results from last year and identify a nearby club with experience: ... sults.html

As mentioned before they may well have a suitable boat your friends can use.

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