paddling pregnant

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paddling pregnant

Post by ali »

How far into pregnancy have people been paddling white water until? Last week I was 20 weeks and still paddling selected grade 4 rivers in Austria but was starting to feel more wobbly and nerves that wouldn't have normally been there were there. Video shows there is no sign of a wobbly boat and i'd like to be able to dismiss the nerves as irrational fear and just ignore it but then since there's no advice on paddling pregnant its hard to be objective. Also at what point did the bump start affecting people's ability to roll? Don't worry I'm not looking for medical advice just other people's experiences to help me make my own decisions.

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Re: paddling pregnant

Post by jmmoxon »

A friend of mine continued caving well into her pregnancy with no problems, but everyone is different - you have to do what's comfortable for you.

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Re: paddling pregnant

Post by nomorfkindhalbhat »

My wife paddled and climbed in the Alps at 5-6 months, nothing to strenuous she stopped immediatly afterwards though. Still irks our son that he,s told he used to surf the Rabioux better before he was born than he can now in his 20,s.

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Re: paddling pregnant

Post by geyrfugl »

I have a friend in New Zealand who paddled until about three weeks before the birth, and resumed very soon after (muttering something about pelvic floor exercises...). I don't think that's for everyone. My wife did the An Teallach ridge quite late in pregnancy (that's some quite serious scrambling in places) and the exercise was no bother - but she couldn't see the holds and was pushed off balance quite a bit ! I guess you keep going until you don't feel comfortable/safe or are advised to stop (find a paddling doctor or midwife - most don't really know what's involved :)

You could always try open boating for a few weeks... (gets coat)


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Re: paddling pregnant

Post by Simon Westgarth »

Last year, my wife during her pregnancy went to week 31, she step it down a bunch, cruising on Sjoa and Soča, and I was portering a few walk outs, but she did great. No rolling those after week 15 or so, I got her to try then, and she was not comfortable with it, so if she fell over I was to pull her up and drag her to the side!!!

Week 31 on the Soča last September.

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Re: paddling pregnant

Post by Eliza Dolittle »

I paddled almost up to the last minute with my first child. (I turned down a trip for the following day when I was in labour.) I stayed off the white water after about 5 months though, the increasing bump restricted breathing and my slalom performance dropped. I practised rolling during pool sessions, I didn't get varicose veins but did get thread veins on my legs where the thigh braces go. They are still there! Spray decks were an issue and I had to revert to using a nylon one. With the second and third child I kept paddling to 8- 81/2 months, but only flatwater. Listen to your body, if you are getting out of breath then slow down. Once baby arrives you will have to build up gradually as your core muscles will be well out of shape.

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Re: paddling pregnant

Post by Mark R »

Mrs R at 4 months...


She just paddled grade 3 water, and (whether rightly or wrongly) was keen not to engage her stomach muscles much, leading to some lazy technique. She said paddling felt weird/ uncomfortable, but it all worked, though. This was her last WW (although she did do some board surfing!).

Sea paddling (wearing my kit, hers was far too small!) at over eight months...just a short distance, but she said it felt good to be out in a boat.

Mark Rainsley

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Re: paddling pregnant

Post by kevinf »

Something to be aware of is that using your stomach muscles, or lack of, during pregnancy can potentially cause issues with your stomach muscles coming back together after the pregnancy (they seperate as the baby gets bigger). In general exercise is ok, but some adjustments need to made, sit-ups and crunch's should be avoided even to the point of rolling out of bed rather than just sitting straight forward.

As one midwife put it "if you want to get straight back in your skinny jeans......"


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