A waterproof camera for a dizzy sister.

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A waterproof camera for a dizzy sister.

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Hi guys,
I have been asked to source a waterproof camera for my ditz of a sister. I'm not sure why she wants one, maybe she wished to take pictures from the inside of her alcoholic beverage? Anyway, It needs to be fully waterproof, around the £100 to £150 mark, It also needs to be a maximum of 2cm thick. I have no idea why. Maybe the designated storage facility is only 2cm wide?
Many thanks in advance.
Pete @ P&H sea kayaks

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Re: A waterproof camera for a dizzy sister.

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I have had an pentaz optio wp for years and it is still going strong, it has been well used spending most of its time in my BA. There are newer versions of this camera with greater pixels, i have no exp with theese but speaking from expierience my pentax has outlasted my mates olympus waterproof camera by a long way.

id buy another.


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