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River Derwent, Matlock to Belper

Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:13 pm
by tomcorden
Paddled the Derwent today, from Matlock to Belper, river at 1.7 on the EA gauge on the website. Three weirs, the one by the Arkwright mill, no problem, far right down the obvious bit. The gauging station weir that you can see from the A6, grim, big tow back, no way out at the ends, easy to portage, and then in the industrial estate immediately after a low corrugated steel walk way/bridge, a huge sluice type thing (20' at least). Difficult to inspect as all you can do is stick your bows over the lip and back paddle, not to be recommended. We walked round it, bit of a hassle, then just about managed to paddle back up to look at it from a distance. Difficult to see if it would go or not. Anyone shot this or got any decent photos of it at high (or low) water levels?


Re: River Derwent, Matlock to Belper

Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:10 pm
Ran on down through that section about 18 months back in an open boat whilst training for the Liffy Descent. Level was relatively low -the Arkwright weir was a scrape / walk, the gauging station weir we shot, with speed, diagonallly through one of the corners.

The weir in the industrial area is awkward, as you say, as the only way to look at it is to pin onto one of the stantions and try and get a glimpse from there. The three central 'gaps' are straight drops onto concrete, walled in slabs. The two outer ones are steep concave slopes, (Like the old vertical slide in the fun house at Blackpool) - that's showing my age! :-), but they tend to shoot straight into over grown trees, branches etc.

We did shoot down the (river) right hand side outer one, but the water was only about 1/2" deep so it was essentially sliding the boat down the concrete.

Haven't seen it with an amount of water going over it, but would imagine that the walled in vertical drops will produce nasty walled in tow back - all in al not the nicest of weirs about.

Hope this helps.

Re: River Derwent, Matlock to Belper

Posted: Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:55 pm
by tomcorden
thanks for the info, pinning an open canadian on the sluice to have a look would not have been an option on saturday afternoon. Must have been a tricky portage when the water was low.
Would have been good to get a better look from below, I reckon you could have shot the middle sluice, just a big exploding wave at the bottom, but hard to tell while frantically back paddling at the top.