Lomo spraydeck sizing

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Lomo spraydeck sizing

Post by Strus »

I want to buy Lomo Neodeck II, but I'm not sure about sizing. Lomo Bigdeck looks like PeakUK Keyhole nad Palm R4 - so it would fit most boats. But someone here on the forums wrote that Lomo Bigdeck is to big for Liquidlogic Jefe - but sizing guide say it would be good (Jefe cocpit is 88 cm long, Lomo Bigdeck is for cocpits 82-92 cm long).

Anyone have this cag or maybe can give me any advice?

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Re: Lomo spraydeck sizing

Post by BurrsRunner »

I have the Lomo Rebel spraydeck in the 'big deck' size and it fits my WaveSport Diesel very well (85cm long cockpit).

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Re: Lomo spraydeck sizing

Post by steveg »

I have a keyhole size for my Big Dog Force. I emailed them the measurements of the cock pit and they sent me a bigdeck. It was way too big so sent it back. The key hole deck still isn't that tight.
Great deck for the money though!

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