boating capicity

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boating capicity

Post by mosspod »

I will probably be buying a ford focus estate (2001) in a few weeks, just wondering if anyone who has one could tell me what you can fit inside and if the seats fold flat enough to fit a creakier in?

thanks in advance

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Re: boating capicity

Post by davebrads »

Take the boat along with you and if it doesn't fit, buy something else. Simples.

That's what my dad does when he is buying a car, except it is his tandem that he is trying to fit inside.
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Re: boating capicity

Post by SPL »

As long as you dont have any passengers you can get a burn, jefe etc in ok. I loved mine a great paddle car, enjoy.

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Re: boating capicity

Post by ChrisE »

I can get a large nomad or jefe in my focus, and it's not the estate version....
(It does require taking up the front passenger seat though, but there is possibility of getting a passenger in behind the driver in this mode)

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Re: boating capicity

Post by Tom_Laws »

You can get a nomad and a passenger (behind the driver) into a Focus Estate. Great cars. You can also get lots on the roof...

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Re: boating capicity

Post by Iain W »

I have an 02 3 door version and can fit a medium burn inside with the front passenger seat leaning forward.

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Re: boating capicity

Post by lofty276 »

I Have an 02 focus estate.

I can fit a 8.5 nomad diagonally in the back with all the bench seats folded down and the front seat creeped forwards slightly, that leaves enough space to gear bag and paddle down the side.if you put the boat on it's side you can fit a person in behind the driver as this seat is single the other side is a double folddown.
I assume your asking as you want to save fuel and avoid having it on the roof so probably travelling on your own??? other wise, get the model with roof rails if you can. and put extra long bars on, i can get 6 boats on my roof with uprights :) just wish i could fit 6 people in (legally) however ideal for when your not sure whether to jump in play or creek haha.

but as the first comment suggest's take the boat and try it out, it will be the only way you know for sure.

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